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  1. Well, it's a bit tricky. Some of the player feeds have in game audio, others don't. Everything should hopefully be fixed by tonight.
  2. Thanks man. The end of that first series was all of my worst casting nightmares manifested. We had some technical issues that we couldn't fix at the time which led to my not having any audio at all after the first 15 seconds of the series. Couldn't get any audio cues, hence the filler. was the worst. Cleaned it up though. Trying to get better with every cast. Thanks to all of you guys for tuning in! I missed open events.
  3. I had not considered something like that, but I'm sure the editors wouldn't mind. Maybe I'll put something like that together before season 2 starts?
  4. Whoa, thanks dude! I'm just glad I can try to help grow the Halo scene. I've been involved since 05 and have many fond memories and hours spent in this series. It's a passion project!
  5. Thanks, brother. That one was a ton of fun to write. I chatted with Strongside for about 20m or so for that piece and we both just went on a huge nostalgia trip talking through those memories. I look forward to seeing what 2gre's next step is.
  6. Hey guys, wanted to share some content I've been working on for ESPN with the HCS finals right around the corner! Enigma 6 Team Profile Team EnVyUs Team profile Cloud9 Team Profile HCS Summer Finals Primer I have a CLG team profile that should be out soon, I'm still wrapping it up.
  7. Just so I'm on the safe side of things, am I going to get in trouble for sharing some of the writing that I've been doing on the forums?
  8. Crazy to think that just three months ago we were talking about how E6 came in last at PAX East and were beat pretty bad by Optic. A lot has changed in a very small time window.
  9. Glad to see EG not come out sluggishly. I didn't get a good look at the slays but it seemed close, which is just a testament to how well they rotated around the map.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Had a nostalgia blast writing this one.
  11. Is anyone else taking forever to download? I'm painfully creeping along here at 24% :c
  12. http://espn.go.com/esports/story/_/id/15861656/naded-leaves-optic-gaming-days-hcs-kicks-off Put together a quick something on the Naded story, and tried working some love for Beyond in there. EDIT: I'm sure I did something wrong with the link part there. Whoops.
  13. It was when he played for FBI Are You Ready. Want to say that was Charlotte '07? Super chill dude.

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