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  1. I'm on at those times if you're still looking inv pr0ven fact
  2. I'd like to run games I'm a 1600ish right now this season but I really only play alone or with pugs
  3. Message pr0ven fact on xbl I'd like to run games
  4. I'm interested 1680 currently in arena message pr0ven fact on xbl
  5. It was in halo 3 either way I'm an f/a looking to run games message my gt pr0ven fact if you want
  6. I'm interested message pr0ven fact on Xbox if you want to run games
  7. are you the Saint who ran with sonic and tails
  8. I know you said you won't check this I'll message you on xbox but I'm looking to run games I have everything you are looking for and also have the ability to actually go to events
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