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  1. I assure you most of my lobby are very mature virgins and i enjoy them very much
  2. yeah im apart of the only thirsty group on all of xbox...
  3. They get hyper over girls, some people treat them well others don't but their emotions go way too crazy both ways on the spectrum. The word you would use is thirsty.
  4. Can you really try to tell me 11 people will change the way they have acted towards girls (at least on xbox) their whole life? Yeah sorry i live on Earth where booting the girl is the most easy and realistic course of action.
  5. its unrealistic to expect 11 people to act a certain way when a girl is around. Whats an easier problem to fix, booting the girl are adjusting the way each individual in the lobby acts
  6. This is why i boot girls out of my lobby, is it the girls fault? almost never. But what else am i supposed to do? they get all the scrawns riled up.
  7. Make sure to subscribe for more content :^)
  8. i'll have you know we have one girl and a guy who pretends to be a girl in The Sauna, it's not just a boys club.
  9. I don't insult or attack anyone i speak to im willing to talk to anyone on a "normal" level
  10. I disagree, also im willing to bet theres a science that proves Gender does in some way effect how well you play video games Also i know how much you guys love "competitive halo" Where are all/any of the Pro level girls at?
  11. I feel like you just like attacking me and you and i will never have a meaningful conversation.
  12. You realize the group i play with is called "The Sauna" right?
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