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  1. Yeah, people were pretty triggered about a Halo pro trash talking. I think Frosty pretty much just said what everyone was thinking at that point.
  2. I think CLG really just listens to each other's complaints and criticisms when they're brought up, and an open discussion is had. A lot of the time in other teams when someone brings up a gripe, there's just this awkward silence.
  3. First off, I never said anything you've accused me of, I've only been asking questions to other people about automatic nerfs. I actually agree that autos are too strong right now. Second off, is there really no room for a player to be punished for not keeping a decent range between themselves and an automatic user? I think it makes for a pretty boring game if only one tier 1 weapon is viable (see: CoD4 or Destiny)
  4. Are you of the opinion that the pistol vs autos should always win no matter what the range?
  5. I don't see a need for that kind of change if the AR was in a good place. Having a close range weapon at the start of the game is pretty much core Halo.
  6. Then you remove an entire section of the weapon sandbox. I think there''s something to be said for gameplay that rewards certain guns at different ranges.
  7. What do you guys think would be an acceptable auto nerf? A range nerf? Spread? Damage?
  8. Yes I can tell you're definitey not very butthurt.
  9. No, I undestand the community is up in arms about it, but I think if you'be played H5 for any length of time, you start to see how silly the comparison is.
  10. With the new 'shield timer' mechanic, there''s thi's great tossup between mobility and survivability. It creates some really tense chase situations.
  11. I don't understand why you people still want to play Halo after it has committed the grest sin of 'introducing new mobility options'. Also, suggesting a faster walking speed as an alternative to sprint represents a fundamental misunderstanding ofor how this mechanic affects gameplay.
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