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  1. I know you guys like bashing Cratos, but please post the rest of that conversation. Idk how to but he actually sounds reasonable and says had the replay not happened and killed their momentum then the he felt the series would have been a fun one.
  2. E6 was one kill away from beating CLG in a scrim and they still get 3rd? Be back in a few, gonna go buy a pitchfork.
  3. So now that we have the Pro league to establish team consistency and all that, how does everyone feel about the next World Championships being single elimination like the last one? For me at least, that format would be a lot more exciting.
  4. all this settings discussion had me thinking I was in the H5 Discussion Thread Predictions for tomorrow: Meme Team #1 Optic #1.5 Liquid #2
  5. The only thing I would change would be the UI, a small auto damage drop off, and the lunge on Spartan Charge and Melee. Man the lunge make me rage sometimes. But what do I know, I'm just a filthy gold/platinum scrub lol
  6. Spv3 already? They hadn't even finished Spv2 when I stopped playing it lol. I look forward to what those guys can bring to the experience.
  7. What's the name of the mod? I do remember playing a lot of CE years ago and the CMT, V1 and V2, are very fun single player improvements to the base game.
  8. Right? Took them half a year to need Thorn. The only quick-ish change was needing the Vex Mythoclast right when I got it I like Flame, I still expect him to produce content and help grow the community even as a coach.
  9. Well I said Optic 3rd, and from here on out they can't get lower than 3rd so I'm a happy man #Greenwall
  10. I don't think you know how the order of operations works. Predictions for tomorrow: Optic upsets and gets 3rd place.
  11. I would be very disappointed if they removed ranked slayer. As an almost exclusive solo player, Team Slayer is my go-to playlist when I want to be competitive (even though I suck).
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