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  1. Haha the other is banned thanks to your stalker antics, I did that about half an hour ago and you already know. Weirdo.
  2. People really take their rep points/dank memes seriously here huh.
  3. All the "Jimbo to EG" "Jimbo to top 4 team" talk done with lol?
  4. I've been buzzing all weekend but I have to admit with only one game to play today, a 90% likely CLG win, I'm feeling a bit deflated.
  5. Hahaha, the hypocrisy. I don't have a dank meme but you can have this passive aggressive wanker sticker
  6. I love when Simms laughs at something Walshy says when he isn't even trying to be funny. Walshy is deadpan hilarious without even releasing and it transfers over really well to us Brits. Really likeable guy.
  7. It's not opinion, Jimbo is top 5 worldwide and would walk on to any NA team and instantly make them a contender against CLG......
  8. Infused still won the qualifier, even if Epsilon have momentum now they didn't win it. I've seen them beat a bad c9 team and take a SINGLE game from CLG so as far as I'm concerned the EU/NA gulf is as large as it's always been.
  9. Lol i doubt that's something people struggle to get over. There is still the same HUGE gulf in team ability, Infused were the best EU team and we've seen how they've fared.
  10. A giggle fit for 2 minutes what are you a 13 year old girl? He wasn't even on the winning EU team. The Jimbo dick riding is getting nuts, an amazing individual talent but IMO would stand out like a sore thumb on an NA team.
  11. Probably best EU player, yes. Better than most NA players, no. He's obviously a very talented player but IMO no one outside of NA is at that level when it comes to strats/positional play, Jimbo is no different, his team just allows him to be flashy.
  12. Stopped reading after "Jimbo is a better Lxthul." Jimbo is probably the best EU player but it's a big fish in a small pond type deal, I don't even think he's better than Commonly. IMO EG don't need another slayer, which is what Jimbo is, thanks to support from the Buks.
  13. Not a single one of those teams would be top 4 IMO, weird mismatches that would make the better players worse.
  14. Lxthuls decision looking like a good one now, but I bet he was just jealous that APG was pulling the intel strings post-H2a and wanted that, too.
  15. Great performance from the Randomly Generated Numbers, but in a roundabout way that game absolutely solidifies the fact CLG are winning this million.
  16. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ JIMBO TAKE MY BIMBO ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  17. Man this game is hard, I love it but it's a difficult shooter to play at a high level.
  18. Every night I play some game will finish, win or lose it'll say connection lost even though my connection is fine. I've now been banned 3 times for this and can't play for 3 hours. Ridiculous.
  19. Are Pulse an EU team? Just got absolutely destroyed by them in team arena.
  20. Yeah I was basically planning a trip from Scotland around this, not looking good.
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