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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying how it occurred to me. It's weird that you're not even allowed to suggest somebody may be using it for attention, since it happens very, very often. I think it's the same human instinct that makes us only remember and speak about the good things about people who have died. I just say things how I see them.
  2. When Sudd2 announced he had cancer I honestly didn't think it was genuine. I know it's taboo to even suggest someone might not be telling the truth about something like that but my family has been decimated by the disease and something just didn't seem right. The fact he's being so flippant about it now reinforces that for me.
  3. Nice input but I'd play it all day over h5, at least it's Halo.
  4. It does sting. I enjoyed H2a too, actually played a game earlier and all I could think was I would have accepted that as H5's engine even with the problems because it's still Halo. Watching H2a was infinitely better than watching H5. I would be in Chig's or someone else's stream daily. Now even if i'm grinding H5 I don't particulary like watching it. Sad times.
  5. Can somebody link me to where it actually says H3a isn't happening? so they made h1a and h2a but when the series reputation is in the toilet they decide against making the biggest money spinner of the 3? It's almost like they're nervous people will member good Halo and reject the wall running super ground and pound of Halo 6.
  6. I'm playing a couple of hours a day and really having fun, finding games is no longer a problem. I uninstalled h5 a while back, just hoping for either 1. H3a to be announced or 2. H6 not to be like H5.5. But as a halo fan, I now just expect the worst.
  7. Am i the only one here who's playing MCC daily and just hoping something miraculous happens to the series out of nowhere?
  8. I just mean having to hear Cratos voice and just listen to Danoxide in general, it can't be his favourite time in Halo.
  9. Nadeds heart must break over and over that he has to team with people like Cratos and Danoxide now. How do i reach these keeeeeeeedz.
  10. This is a joke. All the hype and awesome venues won't help when nothing actually ever gets announced. People HATE last minute plans, it's just not worth the hassle. If you have a chance at an awesome venue, secure it well ahead of time, magine?
  11. Did i say that was the only reason? of course the average gameplay is a problem, but as a Halo fan seeing these horrible shoehorned in Microsoft transactions everywhere just makes me want to play something else. The whole UI is horrible and screams PLEASE BUY MORE STUFF. Whatever though, if there's one thing I know about this forum it's that the Unggoy here will always suck from the 343 teet no matter what happens.
  12. It cheapens the game and makes it look like they're spending more time developing bullshit packs that no one cares about rather than actually making a decent game. It's significant because it's only going to get worse and more invasive, these features never go away, they just keep adding them bit by bit testing what they can get away with. It's not a coincidence that this game just never took off at all, the only people who gave a fuck were the die hard halo fans who have had their fingers burnt once again. The only people still around are either making money from Halo, or just can't let go even though they know it's gone.
  13. I've been playing MCC when i want to play Halo for a long time now, if H3A isn't happening i'm happy to just play h1/2/3 for my Halo fix for the rest of my life. Halo 5 has been a failure and when I try to picture Halo 6, all i see is likely more unwanted mechanics and more micro-transactions.
  14. How tf are you even still on a pro team is the better question. You got relegated and are the general consensus worst "pro" but because you're a professional scumbag you've snaked another spot.
  15. The reason Ninja and Spartan are so salty (specifically Ninja) is the same reason they are camp as fuck, too much oestrogen.
  16. When production involves people who write annalist it makes things bit a clearer.
  17. Questions were far too cookie cutter. He answers a question about forming the team saying him and Suspector were top 3, completely leaving Nadeds name and the fact he secured the org out of it. The follow up questions just kill momentum and look like they were the questions you were asking no matter how he responded. So many chances to pry safely and instead it looks like Brav or some other yes man was doing the interview. Glad these happen but they could be so much better.
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