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  1. I love how people group full forums together as if they all move with the same opinion.
  2. That's sounds like the bitterness of a man who was never good enough to form any connections.
  3. I've never played Counter Strike. Am I to assume that a lot of it's popularity can be attributed to the fact it's very fair online?
  4. Any reason why a current gen game couldn't be hit scan only and maintain a decent skill gap? I don't know enough about these things to even know if that's a stupid question.
  5. Or people who can't play h5 because it's the epitome of "clunky"
  6. If they wanted to prove how important campaign was they could have just made it...you know.....not absolute dog shit.
  7. It really isn't, although I didn't say I'd be surprised if they made it anyway. Halo Wars 2 had 0 hype behind it outside of hardcore players, can't see how it could have made money. A lot of people don't even know Halo exists now and after 4 and 5 it's now known as a bad game. It's no coincidence they're talking about diminishing returns, there's plenty of big series that died off after they lost the trust of the only fans they have left. The money it costs to develop Halo 6 just might not be worth it. Nobody cared about Halo 5 and it ended up terrible anyway, who the fuck is buying 6?
  8. I would like 343 to focus on taking the lessons and feedback too, unfortunately they've proven they don't do that as they know better (Even though the game is back in the toilet again)
  9. I'd be surprised if they even make Halo 6. Diminishing returns is a very real prospect for anything 343 touches now. They've completely eaten away at any trust they INHERITED with Halo. Do even Halo fans want to deal with the stress of another game we know will be run and made like shit? Halo is completely in the hands of people who don't understand it now. I'd love to see some actual, honest numbers on Halo 5 and HW2. I'm sure it makes for some horrible reading, and since the people running Halo don't love it, it could easily just get pushed aside now.
  10. Yeah stop asking for what we actually want and keep accepting the bullshit they throw at us anyway. YAY. No wonder this game and series is in the state it is. That was a nice long constructive post and a respected member comes in and tells him to stop talking about what he wants as it's a waste of time. That is the exact epitome of what Halo is now, not even Halo. Also, can i see a source for them saying no to H3a? I don't doubt it in the slightest as they've clearly been too busy making patches for h5 that add paid content but break the game and developing HW2 which almost nobody gave a single fuck about and turned in to a joke despite the long term marketing. I'd like to see where they've actually said it though, so a respected member of the community doesn't try to shut me down like a child if I bring it up.
  11. Why would any pro put the time in to make youtube content? it will get a couple thousand views at most and that's the peak regardless of the grind, no one cares about Halo 5 content, it's time completely wasted no matter how good the content is. Pros barely even want to spend time dealing with this game as it is. You can't grow a game no one cares about, and it's not on the pros or the community to do it single handedly like they've been trying for years. 343 have run this shit in to the ground, the 1 million tournament is only happening because they made millions out of shit REQs before everyone got bored, once the tournament is gone so is Halo, no one wants or cares about Halo 6. As a Halo fan i've had my fingers burnt so many times I'm surprised I can still aim. Halo is gone.
  12. That's because anything not MLG has been consistently nonsensical and a chore to watch.
  13. Oh no random internet guy ignored me. Thankfully for me internet friends and points mean as much to me as the opinion of a bunch of circle jerking, high horse riding virtue signallers who have probably made a bunch of cancer jokes or laughed at a bunch of inappropriate shit but have this awesome internet moral code whenever someone challenges something in a way they have decided is wrong. Sheep.
  14. Man, I'll say what I want about someone who tweets "The Halo community is cancer, i think that's how i got it" with 0 self awareness that he is the exact epitome of that. I'd never take anything at face value from someone with that kind of character. But whatever, the high horse police are clearly out, as they always are these days.
  15. exact quote: "That guy looks like an alternate dimension Simms where he snubbed gaming for recreational stress and crack" Clearly a joke dripping with hyperbole but I keep forgetting it's 2017.
  16. 1. Not what I said 2. Lighten up a bit, it was clearly a joke. Stay triggered.
  17. Man, what happened to freedom of speech? abnormal amount of posts getting deleted that aren't even inflammatory. Well maybe in 2017 they are but that's a different argument.
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