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  1. Yo, can you explain why you're always signed in on MCC even now?
  2. I'm sure he has. I'm also sure he knows less about the game than the pros who actually play it (especially RoyBox) which was the point I made.
  3. I think it's true of all high level competition, eventually the top of the field is split by the slightest of intangibles which are hard to recognise. Admittedly I didn't word it well. Though I do think Towey is missing knowledge that people like RoyBox have only acquired through playing consistently at the top level, not watching.
  4. I honestly think the twins have a better chance in this game without Towey. He ended up just being another abrasive, often negative voice on comms. He also valued his opinion on strategies at the same level or above the twins as he'd often speak over them like he was stating fact, which IMO is laughable as he's never been a top player and no one knows strategy like RoyBox. You can be around pros and pick stuff up but unless you've played at that level you're missing a lot of the unspoken variables.
  5. I don't care about individuals, as a huge company they should have the right people divulging the right information. It makes no difference to me who's giving out the pointless information, the fact is it's all we ever, EVER get.Soon, maybe, possibly, soon, potentially, soon. The fact that this is the most direct update is fucking embarrassing. It may be a shoot the messenger type situation, but it's all one big fuck up of a developer as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Meh, the first thing he said was designed to remove himself from actually having to know or even sound like he knows what he's talking about. The rest was a whole lot of bullet points saying nothing of any substance "It's a state players get in to" "it's a temporary state". Everybody is that used to getting spoke to in 343 spin doctor if at all that they actually think they're getting updates. I'm sure it will all be fixed soon though, soon.
  7. "We see a lot of questions about "Heavy Aim", so I thought I’d clear a few things up with my limited understanding of the issue. I don’t work directly with the folks who are actively working on the fix, so I’m not going to go super into detail." Honestly after this I lost faith in anything of any substance being written after it, but I read it anyway. I was right. Talk about dancing around the issue.
  8. Been listening to both on the UK scene and big NA events for a long time now. Completely beside the point, I don't consider them new faces at all.
  9. If a new face was a clear improvement I'd be all for it but I don't want to see anybody new because they would not be an upgrade and the product is hard to watch as it is. It would take an incredible caster to make it worth replacing one of the old faces because nostalgia is a big chunk of what Halo is running on while it fails at everything else.
  10. Halo is an established (albeit pretty fucked) franchise, it's not the place for people to be cutting their teeth casting. The events or streams i've seen you cast were extremely amateurish, lots of stuttering, looking for words and being scared of the camera. The streams have enough problems without the casting suffering, too. Just because you improved all those things about yourself doesn't mean you are owed anything. The casters available are still much, much better in terms of what they bring to the stream (charisma, Halo knowledge, competitive experience, name value, respectable input). I'm glad we won't see any new ones, it's about the only thing about watching this game that is bearable.
  11. I'd say writing a book to a stranger about their flaws = triggered. There's an ignore button.
  12. Yet millions still did. People have better internet on average now too, but my point is people will put up with problems if the game is amazing. Reach,4 and 5 were all shit.
  13. They stole the sound for the sniper firing from a video I took on my Razr of me punting a tin of beans.
  14. Please be a "The Running Man" reference. Then when you lose at LAN someone can scream "Now, just plain zero!"2
  15. And Halo is more of a lovely flowing 3 pass move that ends in a broken leg and then a natural disaster.
  16. They know the exact problem but don't even know if a fix is possible? Sounds about right. This game has been a shambles, so was 4 and so was reach. The only time I've had any fun in Halo since 3 is MCC and even though that was a disaster I still had the time of my life playing Halo regardless of the problems. What we're playing now isn't Halo, it's generic broken plastic sci-fi shooter v1.8
  17. Who cares? Chig is a legend. Just because somebody is actually paying you to over-analyse doesn't mean you can't take an hour off.
  18. I can't speak for anybody else and I don't vote in polls or the like but it's probably because back in h2a he was destroying and nobody had realised he's a needy 13 year old girl yet.
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