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    Right there ^^. You're splitting a split hair there.  You implied it strongly.  You're not getting off on a technicality just because the statements have a comma in the middle, sorry.

    Also, nobody has been calling him a pro?  They're just saying that AM =/= you suck. Combine that with grind time plus the number of unknown players he teamed with that ended up going pro and people have a modicum of respect for him.


    Maybe if they didnt do stupid shit like bring back ranked snipers this wouldn't be an issue.


    I clearly said in the video, a video was made of him being terrible while pro. Have you seen the video in question? Watch it, then either admit you are wrong or learn some actual reading comprehension. 


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  2. Hes not terrible. He has basically been a sherpa for AMs to go pro for years. If you think consistent top 16 and eye for talent is terrible idk what to tell you.

    You could tell me where I said he was terrible. I said there was a video of him being terrible in the time he was a pro. You're arguing a point I never made. I just see has name a lot in relation to pros when he himself was one for ten minutes. Top 16 means fuck all anymore in a dead/dying scene, a pro is a pro and an am is an am.

  3. You have had your account since February of 2014 and have accumulated 1211 +rep. That's 40 months. That's about 30 +rep per month.


    I have had my account since August 2015 and have accumulated 12665 +rep. That's 22 months. That's about 575 +rep per month.



    "B-B-but NavG" you stammer as the tears well in your eyes, " I b-barely even post here. Surely you would have the advantage despite the amount of time our accounts have been active".



    You have accumulated 1211 +rep in 1202 posts. That's 1.01 +rep per post.


    I have accumulated 12665 +rep in 3030 posts. That's 4.18 +rep per post.


    I more than quadruple your +rep per post. You want to talk about talent? Lets talk, kiddo. Don't start something you can't finish.

    The worst thing about this post is you are genuinely bragging about internet points but just hiding it behind sarcasm. 

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  4. It gets even crazier when you consider when 2gre was dropped for Lethul, EG was scrambling to find a 4th player and 2gre was out scouting these gems.


    Obviously EG ended up going with Commonly and Suspector, two solid players, but I don't think there's any question that 2gre found three more talented players way before anyone else. Makes you wonder what would've happened had EG picked one of them.

    they'd have got sucked in to the EG negativity, blamed for the problems and it would have stunted their growth.

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  5. Fumbling play-by-play, with a 5 second delay, frequent factual errors, and extremely questionable volume control is a positive addition in what way? I can only assume that people who don't understand the problem have never watched ANY reasonably respectable competition with decent commentary, but even then, there are much better casters within Halo's very, very limited talent pool already, so I remain confused. We don't need Strongside on the mic to tell us what we already saw happen several seconds ago.

    Where did I say it was a positive addition? People are arguing a point I didn't even make. This appears to be a touchy subject.

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