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  1. Spartan tweets like a 16 year old emo girl, the responses he gets are right in line with that.
  2. The fuck? Never watched that dude in my life. Also, Halo was shit while Bungie were still making it.
  3. The fact is they need to have a money prize at every placing because the game is close to dead, they're worried about not even having enough teams to run tournaments.
  4. I clearly said in the video, a video was made of him being terrible while pro. Have you seen the video in question? Watch it, then either admit you are wrong or learn some actual reading comprehension.
  5. You could tell me where I said he was terrible. I said there was a video of him being terrible in the time he was a pro. You're arguing a point I never made. I just see has name a lot in relation to pros when he himself was one for ten minutes. Top 16 means fuck all anymore in a dead/dying scene, a pro is a pro and an am is an am.
  6. Isn't Randa the dude who was an actual pro for about 5 minutes, long enough for a video to be made of him being terrible?
  7. A trash game/scene like Halo 5 doesn't deserve someone with the talent Simms has anyway. Glad to see he's getting recognition and has other viable options.
  8. H5 isn't 100x better than anything. Game is absolute trash, I'd sit and list the faults and problems but it's not even worth the time. Even ran perfectly this horrible game would have done nothing.
  9. It's a shame that just as competitive gaming is entering the mainstream, Halo is the worst of the titles involved.
  10. The worst thing about this post is you are genuinely bragging about internet points but just hiding it behind sarcasm.
  11. Let someone punch you first and there's a good chance you're not getting a chance to throw back. If somebody is being aggressive, putting their head against mines etc, I'm throwing one first. Any other opinion probably comes from people who have never had to fight.
  12. they'd have got sucked in to the EG negativity, blamed for the problems and it would have stunted their growth.
  13. Honestly, this is the only reason I'm still here. Amazing.
  14. Moa literally wrote "adorable" to a comment about it. My cuntometer wouldn't even let me type something like that let alone post it seriously.
  15. I hope H3A happens just to stop the smug cuntyness that seems to come along anytime anyone suggests it.
  16. A Super Fiesta tournament would be fucking terrible and do nothing to further Halo as an eSport. So, it's happening.
  17. Where did I say it was a positive addition? People are arguing a point I didn't even make. This appears to be a touchy subject.
  18. Why people don't like him? That was a weirdly passive aggressive response.
  19. I struggle to watch pro Halo more than anybody but I'll never understand the Strongside hate.
  20. Honestly when somebody starts talking about the pros of Halo 4 I just zone out, quick way to invalidate your opinion. Game was absolute aids and finished off what Reach started, destroying Halo.
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