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  1. Alrighty then. Gonna get my Legacy Edition Infinite Warfare bundle then, eventually.
  2. Do we know if there is a PC version of COD: Modern Warfare Remastered? Should I assume that, if I preorder the legacy edition on Steam, that I would get COD4: Remastered? Just want to know.
  3. Do you know if you can make a classic Doom style deathmatch game mode, with weapon pick ups, and unlimited weapon inventory, with Snap Map? I got some friends who are on the fence, but want to know if it is like that.
  4. Eh, I guess you are right. I just don't like the idea that the precision weapon that I start out with is so much worse than everything else. It just seems redundant that there are 2 5SK weapons that have similar magazine sizes and similar TTKs. I think I'm too used to MCC BR starts, where the only other precision weapon is the Carbine. And the Carbine was very different from the Battle Rifle, as everybody knows.
  5. I'd rather we get Battle Rifles starts, personally. But I would take any buff to the Magnum, because it feels like a weaker DMR. I always trade it for a DMR in Arena.
  6. Yeah, I would rather have no radar, than a shit radar that is cluttering my HUD.
  7. Um, G2A.com? I mean, I don't know if it is reputable, but they sell XBL Gold cards there, for less than sticker price, last I checked.
  8. Has 343i said anything about pushing the update cutoff further? I think they said that the updates would stop at June? So if we are getting these updates pushed back, is the update cutoff getting pushed back as well?
  9. If it is choice between playing the WZ Firefight beta and the DOOM beta, I'll take the DOOM beta. Or are we talking about the current Halo that happens to be a beta, which will get a beta that we can beta-test for this beta? Beta-ception.
  10. Honestly, I like radar, but if it is going to be 18 meters, then just remove it. 18 meters in game is like slapping distance. It's too short.
  11. I miss decent maps like Zanzibar, Ascension, and Guardian. I also miss not circling my camera around because somebody decided that they wanted to do an Advanced Warfare-style jump-strafe and assassinating me. I don't particularly like the new evasion mechanics.
  12. How often do you lose, mate?
  13. Actually, you know what I would say is the fatal flaw of Halo 5's Custom Games? The fact that they are all online only. Fact is, 10 years from now, when the servers are dead, and you want to dust off Halo 5, you won't be able to play anything outside of the campaign. Customs use dedicated servers, so when those servers are dead, this game is effectively dead. It's why the classic games are timeless really. You can go back to Halo CE, load it in your OG Xbox or your 360, and play some 4v4 Team Slayer on Wizard. Or FFA on Lockout in Halo 2. And you can do offline LAN parties with the classic games. Thus, Halo 5 is a depreciating product. As soon as the servers for it are dead, the value of Halo 5 compared to the classics is considerably less, as there is not a single offline multiplayer option.
  14. Actually there was one not long before Halo 5 came out. Honestly, it probably didn't do much. And then 343i made a community update for one of the various Halo 5 "Free DLC", saying that in the next update for the MCC, they would consolidate playlists. So all in all, not much is happening to the MCC, it seems.
  15. Isn't there a way to make those distant objects appear normal, instead of smaller than they should be? I've played a lot of BF3 and a little of BF4 on PC, and jacking the FOV on BF4 to 100 didn't really screw up the game to the levels of that video.
  16. Has it been that long since Reach? Huh. I don't know if this is a popular opinion here (I'm rather new to TB), but in my opinion, considering that Sprint has been in Halo for 3 games, it would be an evolution if sprint is removed.
  17. A lot of pro sprint people don't seem to understand a lot of the anti sprint arguments. Right before Favyn's thread on Waypoint was locked, you know what one of the most liked pro-sprint posts said? "Jesus. Who's gonna read all that.Some answer, no, sprint is not being removed.Get over it. We ha be super suits, now we get to use them.". It was completely stupid, I was giving out detailed reasons why Sprint doesn't work in Halo, and this a-hole just says a 3 sentence post and gets a billion upvotes. Pro-sprinters are echoing each other's statements now, it seems.
  18. I dunno, when I played it, the Master Chief Collection had pretty good connection. Relatively lag free. But, at the same time, people tended to either get disconnected or quit.
  19. Hey guys, I'm a new Team Beyond user here. I've been playing Halo since I was introduced to Halo 2 in 2006. I then played Halo CE on PC and Halo 2 Vista for several years until I got a Xbox 360 bundled with Reach in 2011. Got Halo 3 not long after, got some Xbox Live in 2015 and played the shit out of Reach and a little of Halo 3. And then I got a Xbox One just in time for the Broken Chief Collection. And then I decided to be stupid and got Halo 5. And no, I'm not all that enthralled with it. Also, I'm relatively active on Waypoint. I actually came from there, because I cannot stand the echo chamber of praise, while good threads that give criticism get locked. So yeah, that is my Halo life.
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