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  1. And on the flip side, companies sure love to shovel shit at consumers and expect them to lap it up these days too
  2. Boots on the ground... Arcade game? Guess that's a good step
  3. Yeah, just need to sell out the team I currently own to shitbag corporate losers first... No, I'm not salty at all
  4. Uhhh guys, breakout isn't part of the HCS anymore, we can't talk about it in the HCS thread...
  5. I fucking love that he is casting this in a calm, overall analysis based approach and letting the gameplay do the talking, instead of shoutcasting every minute detail on the screen that I can already see. Halo is exciting, let the gameplay do the talking
  6. A great sense of exhilaration FOR YOU. Not everyone wants a game to be 1000% movement speed and insta kill's based on who shoots first while everyone jumps around like fucking jackalopes.
  7. I'm surprised the orgs don't have more to do with this, since their success (as an org) depends, among other things, on how popular their team is. Plus it'd be easy for an org to hire a PR coach for all their teams (Halo, CSGO, etc) than relying on the TO for each game to do that or whatever
  8. It's over? I thought finals weren't usually until like Monday morning at like 1am?
  9. This is society in general now, where social justice (ie witch hunting and twitter wars) actually has a more meaningful impact than legal justice (ie courts and contracts and, y'know, the law). Kinda pathetic, but in some cases, it's totally the player's fault. However, because they can get the twitter fans riled up and the social media picture in their favor, they get away with anything. In Gunless's case with eunited(?) they are legally correct in not allowing him to leave because he agreed to the contract. For whatever reason, there seemed to be some kind of nudge nudge wink wink agreement on the side, which was not put into writing and signed by all parties. Somehow, people ae angry at the org instead of the player who agreed to something that wasn't fully vetted by the contract he was signing. RE: A governing body Players need a union, and since Halo is so small, it would probably be more useful to have competitive gamers in general (across games) form a union to protect against predatory contracts and organizations.
  10. This market (esports) seems incredibly ripe for performance psychology consultants, tbh. I'm surprised every team doesn't have one.
  11. This reads like a slam piece directed at The Fucking Show. DO NOT TRUST THIS FAKE NEWS PEOPLE
  12. Does anybody know what the Burbank campus upgrades are going to be, and who is paying for them? If it's ESL, good on them. If its using the money that was supposed to go towards booking a (real) venue, then the whole process stinks...
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