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  1. Gt-Slacki Message Onyx or Higher
  2. Looking for a dedicated team Onyx + ONLY At least run 5 times a week On from 5 pm - 11 pm est
  3. Onyx 2200 On everyday EST Msg Me Slacki
  4. Need team for St. Louis message me Slacki
  5. Want to be with people a month prior to the event, make sure were good for everyone. Halo Track me Gt KillaFrankiie Anyone that has hotel paid for, food paid for Etc.. hmu don't have much money but can fly there Twitter: @KillaFrankiie
  6. Go over film and setups Onyx 1700 prefered in Arena AT LEAST Message me KillaFrankiie, running games all tonight
  7. Onyx 2100 in arena, hmu gt KillaFrankiie
  8. Can take a loss, 2100 onyx in arena, can watch over film. Gt-KillaFrankiie
  9. KillaFrankiie-GT Don't rage quit after two losses, a real team sticks it out and watches film to get better. Only hit me up if you can do this
  10. I will be on at 11 pm until 2 am, if anyone has an available spot message me KillaFrankiie, BE AT LEAST 1900 ONYX!!!!!!
  11. Need team that won't give up after the first loss. If we have a bad game it will happen, don't kill anyone over it. I want a team that will be able to go over film and try any strats out. Myself am a 2050 onyx in Arena, anyone please hit me up gt: KillaFrankiie PS!!!!!!!!!!!!: Please teamed for at least a week
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