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  1. I Just want a fun classic halo with amazing maps and with a great campaign Looking forward to the MCC Update
  2. I doubt It will happen....but I need EA to announce a lot of DLC for Battlefront II. The game has not even been out for a year ans they haven't added anything big since December I need new maps and characters
  3. This Is awesome. Really happy with the news we got! Here's to a great season
  4. lmao well shit. Glad Im not alone. Midwest City represent
  5. Im probably the only person here from oklahoma lol probably the only halo player left to
  6. What’s the rent like on a Halo ring? I’m trying to get out of Oklahoma
  7. everything I like dies. RIP Halo Online So How does everyone want the future of the HCS to be In regards to a full schedule of events?
  8. Neighbor and professional Smash player, Wizzzrobe Is playing and streaming as well. This Is awesome
  9. I hope we keep the trophy from this year for future Worlds. I think consistency is a good thing with those things. All three world trophy’s have been different
  10. On the subject of emotion and hype... Players can feel however they want. But I also want to say...if the series are close instead of a 4-0 I bet you will see a hype Renegade. Exhibit A:
  11. Goldenboy absolutely killed it during the finals intro. I remember talking to him at the gears event the weekend before and he was telling me they were going to do a bigger and better version of what he did In Orlando. Oh man did he deliver. So hype.
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