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  1. lets get a game people enjoy playing before we even begin to talk about 5v5 Halo lol also HALO 4V4 >
  2. love the lunchbox jersey. Been wanting a Roy jersey for awhile now
  3. I loved the commentary during the Beach Lan. Felt relaxed, knowledgeable and fun. Similar to smash commentators. Well done Knighty and HardWay <3
  4. I woke up to see this is on twitter and lost my shit lol I am a huge roy and lunch fan especially when it comes to them playing H3. I hope they go to Atlanta so I can fanboy properly
  5. In New Orleans when while I was working for MLG I was sitting In the back editing photos and Dave just comes up and sits next to me to ask me how i was doing and to just catch up. After he left the inner fan boy screamed because he felt like more than just Halo Legend Walshy who Ive always admired. He felt like a friend and a all around great dude. Things like that make me feel rooted into this community..like I am a part of something which is what ive always wanted with Halo. TLDR Walshy Is a great human being.
  6. That twitch clip makes me so happy. I am extremely happy for Alex and grateful that he Is a part of our community :,)
  7. Pretty sure Actionman Is going to the London event to which is really cool
  8. I was talking to Towey In NOLA about Roy and Lunch playing in that 2v2. I stood next to him while he texted them saying they should play in it haha. Here's to hoping they come out to atlanta to play in the 2v2
  9. Happy to say I will actually be In New Orleans next week. I'll be the secondary photographer for MLG on the Halo side of things. So much for my break from events haha Happy to be going and grateful for the opportunity. <3 Hope to see some familiar faces
  10. I know RyaNoob spectated and casted matches including the finals
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