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  1. I seriously have so many photos that’s could be used as emotes that you guys haven’t seen
  2. I just asked Sayian in his chat if he’s going to STL. He said the plan is to go with the Rec squad. Guess we will see if anything changes
  3. if I see Roy and Lunch in Instinct Jerseys in STL I will lose my mind. Getting a chance to photograph them in those jerseys would be an honor
  4. This day had made me shed a tear. My favorite player returning and streaming. Fucking amazing Love this community
  5. ROY Is BACK Twitch.tv/Roy Roy said he’s returning to compete
  6. If we get another big H3 event next year sometime I’m gonna get a big Airbnb and you’re all invited. BEYOND HOUSE
  7. It’s a pretty good sized convention hall. They’ve had some events where they’ve used half of the room and others where they used the entire room.
  8. Lets just enjoy UGC STL Literally nothing to argue about. Id much rather discuss potential teams that we could be seeing leading up to this event. Maybe some older pros picking up Fantasy and Gabriel. I for one will be constantly hoping to see Roy at another event
  9. Classic halo selling 64 passes in 2 days is amazing. I don’t care what game it is as long as it’s 1-3. We should be happy imo regardless how you feel about H3. I’m sure we will get other halo events that could possibly feature other titles as well.
  10. Guess now there are only 6 passes left till they increase the cap
  11. Sadly i missed that one. i had a mental breakdown last dream hack Atlanta lmao
  12. site looking FRESH Flamesword and Roy playing H3 doubles https://www.twitch.tv/flamesword
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