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  1. I agree with the lore trailers. If you look closely at Halo 3's "Believe" campaign, It really felt so cinematic. It felt important. Especially the tagline "Finish The Fight" which that alone was badass. I think with the MCC showing new players what they missed, Ridley Scott's Digital feature(which will be way better the Forward unto dawn), Speilbergs TV series, and the MONTH long Halo 5 BETA will help new players hop on board. All of that Is marketing in itself but there has to be more. I would like to see Gamestop tournaments similar to Melee by the bay tournament they had for reach.
  2. Hey everyone! This is my first official post that matters. I was talking with some friends of mine who are big into Call Of Duty and they brought up Marketing when It comes to video comes. Specifically FPS titles that revolve around a steady population of players. What I would be interested to know is..what type of marketing is a must for 343 to execute to make their next Halo titles successful? I ask this because it seems one thing halo needs is more players. Halo 2 was the obvious flagship title for Xbox and was a immediate success following the success of Halo CE. I don't know the actual population numbers when It came to Halo 2 but I'm sure It was a rather large population. Didn't have much to compete with. Halo 3 comes a long basically being the flagship title once again but for the Xbox360. Populaton for Halo 3 peaked at a million players which is insane! The marketing for this game was huge. They had gamerfuel, Burger King ads, "Believe" campaign, multiple vidocs, G4 covered It like crazy. I remember watching the NY times square release on G4. It was so intense! A couple months after Halo 3 was released, Infinity Ward released Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This was the beginning of the Call of Duty takeover. This stole population from Halo 3. A point I'm trying to make besides how important marketing Is, was Halo only as popular and successful because It didn't have much to compete with till Call Of Duty 4?(Please don't crucify me) Halo 3 had to take 3 CoD titles. As well as other games but I'm primarily focusing on CoD since it is Halo's rival. Now with Activision having three developers for CoD..this franchise will never disappear. What does 343i need to do to market this game? What do they need to do to bring back our once largely populated numbers and take players from other games similar to what CoD did to Halo.. Obviously the MCC and Beta are on the right track. Bringing up the past for new and old players to make way for the future. Is there anything else that needs to be for a large population? discuss
  3. When they were scrolling through the menu interface. I saw the option "Leaderboards" They didn't click It though.
  4. Looking forward to the future fuuuuuur sure.
  5. Roy! He could carry me to every victory
  6. I've heard they were amazing. I have nothing against the books personally, I just hate how we already some idea as to how the future of the Halo campaign continues. I will more then likely read the books once the Halo games come to a stop.
  7. Hey everyone! Some of you may know me from Twitter(link in signature). For those of you who do not know me My name is David "Sandman" Doran. Before a lot of you ask, I am not the Sandman most famous for the Halo montages. I've been mistaken by him many times and I don't want people to think Im posing as him. I use the online alias "Sandman' because of the Naruto character, Gaara. Moving along here... I've been playing Halo since Halo CE. I actually used to hate the Halo series and Xbox. It wasent till i discovered my competitive side that i really began to love halo which was around the Halo 2 era. Ever since then I've become a huge supporter of all competitive console shooters. I still play Halo and CoD everyday while pursuing my dream to direct film! So if anyone ever wants to play or just talk, feel free to shoot me an invite on Xbox live(Ssandman) or hit me up on Twitter. Thanks guys. Glad to be apart of the site.
  8. I don't like that a lot of the story for 343i Campaign came from Halo books.
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