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  1. 1 hour ago, Boyo said:

    By giving each species a unique spawn weapon, Elites get a battery operated automatic while Brutes get a Flakcannon (disguised as a Mauler/Bruteshot combo), you can create a unique experience that players then associate with that species ie they remember brute gametypes consist of shotguns and explosives.  

    Gimme the purple elite hud to

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  2. 2 hours ago, Snipe Three said:

    I think they really just missed the point of what they were trying to show. For someone like me who is interested in some of the smaller details I was interested in just watching the guns fire but for a more casual player they really just started throwing up bricks. They didn't go into depth explaining new mechanics, the map or that upgrade tab vidoc style to hype themselves up and explain things. They didn't have intense music with cuts to exciting gameplay and snippets of cut scenes that would intrigue someone. They just had a brute jerking himself off at the end and someone walking through mostly static AI that weren't really doing anything while not really showing off gameplay of anything new or exciting. I don't think they even knew what they wanted to do with it in the end and it shows. It just left people asking all the wrong questions like "where has this game been for five years?" 

    That video was the equivalent of throwing a controller in my hands on the second mission of Halo CE, on the easiest difficulty possible, and telling me to drive around a little bit and shoot the guns at various things. Not really the reveal you'd want to present professionally imo after five years and an announcement to hype people up to watch it

    Well said.

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  3. I know it’s been talked about a hundred time and I’m not here to beat it more into the ground...but I just keep watching people review the gameplay. They constantly talk about the graphics(obviously) but they are also talking about the overall presentation and how it didn’t feel like it had any wow factor. It was just a plain halo mission. 

    anyways I know that’s been talked about. But I just wanted to say it makes me sad that we’re in a “situation” again. 

    Miss all of you btw

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  4. 1 minute ago, Joseph said:

    Honestly, if the grappling hook is treated as a 'power weapon' on competitive mp maps, we would see some pretty crazy plays. 

    I wonder how far it goes. Can you grapple a flag? Could you snag an oddball out of midair? Imagine :apg::simms:

    Can’t wait for the Enemy team try and play the ball and I grapple it back into my hands to win the game 206-205


    get shit on

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  5. On 11/7/2019 at 7:27 PM, Zavehi said:

    If HCS does something at some point that resembles a coherent anything I will show up. Until then I'm kind of done with all this. Tashi continues to speak in these mass cliches about the future, tons of promises about what is coming and pumping up this HCS grassroots effort that has been pretty much a massive failure with only a few creators brought on board and a lot of meh or bad tournaments were it was clear neither 343 or the TO wanted to invest in a 12 year old game with no viewership. I've read the announcement from them yesterday what seems like 100 times. Same tired old stuff about everything they've learned over the years while they still constantly look like amateurs. The team over there seemingly hasn't learned that no one really cares about how many words they write about how good they are going to be in the future, they actually have to SHOW something that presents they have any idea what they are doing. They never did previously until they let MLG run the last worlds cycle. They haven't done it with the post-H5 MCC events at all.


    I love Halo, I love the Halo community, I've traveled multiple times over the last few years to go tournaments and have met some awesome people. At this point, Halo esports has a terminal disease and I don't see some miracle coming any time soon.

    If you're done then who am i gonna eat steak n shake with at events

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