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  1. Not sure if this was shared. Not really sure who this guy is tho? Thought it was interesting
  2. I know it’s been talked about a hundred time and I’m not here to beat it more into the ground...but I just keep watching people review the gameplay. They constantly talk about the graphics(obviously) but they are also talking about the overall presentation and how it didn’t feel like it had any wow factor. It was just a plain halo mission. anyways I know that’s been talked about. But I just wanted to say it makes me sad that we’re in a “situation” again. Miss all of you btw
  3. I thought this was interesting https://imgur.com/gallery/lqFSPVv
  4. They should have announced a new Conker game tbh
  5. Can’t wait for the Enemy team try and play the ball and I grapple it back into my hands to win the game 206-205 get shit on
  6. Also I think I’m funny sometimes
  7. Wasn't the budget for this game huge? did I misread that somewhere
  8. If you're done then who am i gonna eat steak n shake with at events
  9. game developers are clueless and all want to make the same wack game
  10. and the CoD community has bitched about all of them nonstop
  11. Looking that way. My guess is Reach PC tournaments at Anaheim DreamHack early next year
  12. Can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to see that emotion. I NEEDED it.
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