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  1. Whoever makes these videos has my sword, my shield, and my undying support.
  2. <3 Thanks for sharing this pal. Hope you all enjoy them!
  3. Thank God the CE stations were there haha That's where id go to whenever there was downtime. I agree with everything you've posted though. Also had a blast hanging with you and everyone! Nothing but good times! ((sorry for the double post ))
  4. I suck at forming words but i think I may write up a post about my criticism for the Live spectator experience.
  5. Im really excited about tomorrow The venue is so awesome. Come find me and let me hug you
  6. Im proud of this picture. A buddy of mine lent me his production badge so i could go on stage when Roy and Flame were playing. He knew I was a big Roy fan so I was really happy getting this one.
  7. This will be a fun squad to watch I know someone mentioned FiS going but I don't think he is?

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