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  1. To3 w/ a Coach looking for 1 more from Maryland. - LAN + Online Tournament player ( We need a Support Slayer ). - tweet @USAstro for a try out.
  2. to3 - Currently 2 from Maryland One from Texas. Looking to pick up another MD player. GT: USAstro
  3. Whats up About team: -Ages- 24 (Maryland), 26(Maryland), 26 (Michigan) -All committed to LAN'ing LOCALS + EVENTS . -All Can Travel -Relaxed team -We all have time to grind, every night. and take criticism well and make it constructive. -We plan to make a name. -We all have been to events before Whether Locals or MLG *I am a nice guy, but please do not message me if you arent commited to traveling and grinding a lot. obviously have skill lol . GT: USAstro tty than
  4. GT: USAstro Halo 3 first time playing COMP. - local lans and friendly lans is what im looking for. & Cash tourneys. HMU
  5. GT: USAstro TEAM OF 3 LOOKING FOR ONE MORE. 2 of US are from MD. - Commited to ONLINE + LAN Events around the US.
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