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  1. @SMARTAN 427, sorry if this been asked already but are you working on King of the Hill gametypes atm?
  2. Welcome @@ske7ch and nice to see you here!!
  3. Wow, that would be great man. I would appreciate it. My skype nick is: kawatchie and my gamertag: the rivoz I live in Sweden though so it's almost 7am now and I really need to go to bed soon, but if you are free tomorrow?
  4. Hello everyone! This my first post on this forum. I would love some help with my streaming set up! I want to know what the minimum requirements and best settings are for streaming Halo 5 in either: 1080p @60fps 1080p @30fps 720p @60fps I want to do this with an overlay and a webcam. I have an ElGato Game Capture HD60. I have a very good connection: I'm open to use whatever software is best for this. I have OBS v0.657b 64-bit and Game Capture HD 3.10.50 (1350) 64-bit installed. Now this is what I started out with. Laptop: Intel Core i5 5200U @ 2.2 GHz Dual Core 8GB RAM DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5500 Using ElGato software @ 8Mbps (Twitch), without Stream Command (no overlay or webcam): 1080p @60fps http://www.twitch.tv/riviiiiie/v/51031054 - Not good at all when moving around fast, otherwise good 720p @60fps http://www.twitch.tv/riviiiiie/v/46514618 - Looks pretty good Question 1: When I turn on Stream Command, the software automatically changes to 1080p @30fps. I guess you can't do anything about that? You can't have 60fps when using scenes in this software? And when I press stream it's telling me to reduce it even further to 640x480 @30fps because my PC appears to be too slow. I know that this is a weak PC but the 720p @60fps video quality worked and didn't look bad. What I don't get is that just by turning on Stream Command without adding any scenes or anything it wants to go 640x480 @30fps that's such a big diffrence. Also when I forced it to go 1080/720p @30fps anyway, it complains about low bandwith sometimes and that it can't render @30fps, that's understandable with that PC, but low bandwith, no way? Is there a solution or is it the software that's lacking? After this I started to look at a better PC. Yesterday I got: Desktop: AMD FX-6200 Six-Core overclocked @ 4.0 GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series - 3 GB GDDR5 And there wasn't much diffrence in quality. When I tried without Stream Command the 1080/720p stream looked the same to me. I was able to stream with Stream Command turned on with a webcam but just at 720p @30fps, everything set to best performance instead of quality and the stream wasn't even stable, just in one attempt out of many. Webcam would freeze, sound disappear and major lag sometimes. The best I got was: 720p @30fps (with Stream Command) http://www.twitch.tv/riviiiiie/v/51131283 - The streams before and after were just unstable as you can see in past broadcasts. Question 2: Do I 100% need to get an even better PC or could the right OBS stream settings work better? In that case I gladly receive suggestions and tips on how I should set OBS up with my preferences! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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