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  1. Damn only 25k prize pool. Doubt any NA teams will be attending
  2. Ola has good movement obviously, but what im saying is halo 5s movement has an undoubtedly higher skill ceiling than halo 3s does whether you like it or not.
  3. All that tells me is that halo 5 did a better job at bringing new eyes onto the esport. I wholeheartedly disagree. This seems way more of a "I dont like h5 so everything on h3 is more impressive BabyRage" statement to me
  4. this event had more prize money than probably half of the h5 events did since most of them were just qualifiers and seeding tournaments. money def isnt it
  5. this is it. ive been watching comp halo for a long ass time now and i cant bring myself to give a single shit about halo 3 anymore... atleast in h5 i cared a little bit. interesting considering h3 is better to watch.
  6. Still cant believe halo 3 is doing worse than halo 5 did viewership wise
  7. god i hope hcs goes to pc. halo 3 + this fov + controller is just so hard to watch nowadays
  8. Activision doing their best to save halo... In all seriousness though with this news along side MCC PC, later this year comp halo could take off. $25 mil for a league spot in a game you dont even know is going to be good or not does not seem like a good business move to me.
  9. Rumor came out that xbox is going to announce their 2 new xboxes at e3 this year for a 2020 release. Halo infinite will be a launch title and backwards compatible to xbox one. 2 years of waiting boys! https://wccftech.com/xbox-lockhart-anaconda-e3-2019/
  10. Honestly, doesnt really seem like many people care about h3 much anymore since st louis. Including me... I'll be watching the lan events but im not gonna bother watching online halo 3. Need a new halo asap.
  11. With tons of top esports franchising their league (League of Legends, Overwatch, Cod) do you guys think its a possibility for 343 to franchise halo esports when infinite comes out? Personally think if they could manage to acquire old mlg names for team branding instead of city based like overwatch and sell the spots to orgs it could work well.
  12. You'd think. But when H2 had comp settings in a playlist is was extremely fucking dead. Thats why it was removed in the first place.
  13. I really don't think there is much of an audience at all anymore that would leave comp halo because it moved to pc. Everyone left at this point has been through some shit here and seems loyal to the game. Sure, we might lose a few big names like snipedown, but we will most definitely retain a lot of them like pretty much all of tox as well as finding new talent from the PC world. Console halo has such a bad stigma that not a lot of players want to start competing in it. Instead they go to CoD. I think Halo would gain more players than lose. The young stars in halo already left, so staying on console so the snipedowns and roys and compete for an extra year doesn't make sense to me. Halo Esports needs to start building from the ground up, creating new personalities instead of relying on ones that won't be around in a year or 2. Again, I really believe we need a fresh start. EDIT: I thought i said this also but I guess I didn't. It seems a lot easier to globalize your esport when its on a PC than when its on a console, ESPECIALLY the xbox.
  14. I think halo needs to go to PC as well. When people outside of the scene think of halo esports it usually ends up with them sayings its dead. Going to PC could be the fresh start comp halo needs to start growing again. On top of that, it will be more respected by pc players who make fun of console all of the time. This scene is in a pickle and needs to start taking some risks in order to climb back towards the top of the mountain.
  15. EDIT: after this he got 2 amp ts's in a row and another construct hill and got off to play csgo shout out to 343
  16. I'd like a BR but the spread is tight so it acts more similar to a single shot like pistol/dmr. I think the BR is just too iconic to not make it the main weapon in a game as important as infinite.
  17. I was just thinking that since halo infinite more than likely is gonna have sprint, do you think having the no regen while sprinting thing from h5, but allow people to shoot instantly out of it so it still feels guns always up like classic games would work better or worse?
  18. Hey guys. I was wondering your opinion on sprint. Other than just "it sucks and isnt halo", what part of it do you not like? the speed change, not being able to shoot instantly? For me its not being able to shoot.
  19. 343 is gonna make me lose my mind with the map weighting in mcc
  20. If you don't watch royal 2 streams idk what you're doing with your life.
  21. Honestly i dont think it would do much. Bungies net code in halo 3 is just horrific. 150 down and 20 up is just fine.
  22. Ya. I enjoy the campaign but i just like halo 5 multiplayer better. Couldnt tell you why, just had more fun with h5.

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