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  1. Ya. I enjoy the campaign but i just like halo 5 multiplayer better. Couldnt tell you why, just had more fun with h5.
  2. It isnt a popular opinion, especially in this forum, but h5 is probably my 3rd favorite halo, after halo 3 and halo 2. I had tons of fun playing it, just wish 343 took better care of it in the first couple years.
  3. FFA --> ELEVATE VS. REC (UGC) FFA: 15 min. Break: 45 min. ELV vs REC: 35 min In game: 50 min. In Break: 45 min. ELEVATE VS. REC --> REC VS STATUS QUO (UGC) ELV VS. REC: 35 min Break: 55 min REC vs. SQ: 45 min. In game: 1 hour 20 min. In Break: 55 min. ELEVATE VS TRIFECTA --> REC VS TRIFECTA (MLG NOLA) ELV VS TRI: 57 min Break: 27 min REC VS. TRI: 52 min In game: 1 hour 49 min. In Break: 27 min. TOX VS SPLYCE --> TOX VS RENEGADES (MLG NOLA) TOX VS SPY: 1 hour 3 min Break: 25 min TOX VS RNG: 54 min In game: 1 hour 57 min. In break: 25 min. Just for fun I thought I should also add the long ass break from saturday. I think ugc was fixing audio issues on mainstage which should've been and was priority, just wanted to add it. (Also they played a c stream match or something in this, but i am only counting time between mainstage matches) DENIAL VS WRATH --> REC VS GMS (UGC) DENIAL VS WRATH: 34 min Break: 1 Hour 36 min. REC VS GMS: 1 Hour In game: 1 hour 34 min. In Break 1 hour 36 min. hopefully i did the math right on this lmao.
  4. im starting to do the math on the amount of time in game vs out of game on stream. i'll post the results later tonight or tomorrow. ill also try to get the numbers from a mlg hosted event to compare.
  5. Looks like they used today to test out their stream lol. Everything seems to be better now so hopefully when it gets into good matches sat night into sunday it doesnt go to shit again.
  6. Only games i can really think of with sprint are rainbow 6 and battlefield (if you consider that a top pc fps). I personally dont count cod since its console focused. As for non sprint there is Cs, Overwatch, and an older one that was big, tf2
  7. Its actually pretty interesting looking at top PC fps games. Most if not all of them sprint isnt a thing or it is a small thing like a specific character trait in overwatch.
  8. So i tried to play halo 5 forge on pc... Not even including all the problems with the port itself, sprint just does not work well on pc. Hope they notice that for infinite.

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