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  1. Im about to try to make a 30 minute trip take 10 minutes. From work to home.. Im so excited I squirted a little.
  2. It seems that we are doing this it was only a troll guys.. <3
  3. new req pack for 80,000 comes out and I spent close to 90000 over the past 2 nights..
  4. @@ninj3sse Thanks for the heads up. Im on a work computer as well..
  5. when I try to watch Twitch from work it just has a white circle spinning where the game play should be. Does that mean my company is blocking the stream?
  6. YOOOOOOOO Its FINALLY here. WORLDS WEEK!!! Who is going home with the money? Post your predictions below! Denial TRAIN <toot toot>
  7. Diamond 5 this season was Onyx previous 2 seasons (Look me up on www.halotracker.com) MM/Customs GT: SKAYVEEZ I play every day M-T 5:30p -10:30p or 11:00p Central Time and F-S all day and night Please add me and SEND A MESSAGE THAT SAYS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "TB FORUM" so I know you aren't just a random.. I am so tired of being placed with three people in a private party. I am looking to grind with people who like to win and will not quit out when getting beat. Thanks!
  8. GT: SKAYVEEZ City: Birmingham Add me
  9. GT: SKAYVEEZ Looking to play with some people who are competent and able to communicate. I play every day from 5:30pm till 10:30-11:30pm central time. Onyx level in slayer and FFA, Diamond in arena. Add me and send me a message.
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