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  1. maybe optic should move to whatever region skyfire plays...
  2. I am new to this forum and cannot figure out how to post links from Twitter or other sites. Why so difficult??
  3. GGs CLG, close series. Weird that we lost to us making mistakes not them outplaying us. Onto tomorrow! #EpsiWorld #HaloWC
  4. SNAKEBITE complaining about headphone issues on TWITTER Does APG seem kinda sissy to anyone else?
  5. walshy talks like a valley girl. Try not to pay attention to that for the rest of this tournament
  6. Wonder how much money casters make for an event like this...
  7. Team Liquid - Excel Series: 3-0 G1: CTF 3-0 G2: TS 50-24 G3: STRNHLD 100-3
  8. The casters keep trying to call Jimbo; Kimbo.... Can I get a kimbo slice body with Jimbo head please?
  9. C9 - Epsilon Series: 1-2 Game 1: Did not get to watch Game 2: Team Slayer ?- 50 Game 3: Strongholds 88 - 100 Game 4: Team Slayer Team Liquid - Excel Series: 2-0 Game 1: Capture The Flag 3-0 Game 2: Team Slayer 50 -24
  10. The quote button is broken... don't want to spoil for anyone who cant watch ATM
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