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  1. I agree with you on this, to a degree. Part of Halo's appeal is absolutely the capability to make wacky game types and maps and do hilarious bullshit with the settings. But "fun and silly" customs are possible even if the sandbox is designed for competitiveness anyway, aren't they? Being able to place anything on any map, or just make your own, means that stuff like custom games are completely separated from the vanilla experience. A baseline competitive game has essentially no effect on what the community is capable of building, given that they are provided the proper tools to do so. Players at all levels of skill should be able to "lean back" and just play for fun if they aren't actively working on their game. It should be both fun to work at the game as well as just relax and get some games in. "Casual player" has such a radically different connotation in Halo compared to other games. I'm a "casual" chess player but all that means to me is that I have spent less time studying/learning/playing the game than those more serious than me. That doesn't mean I enjoy the game any less or that I expect to start up a game and breeze through my matches. I haven't invested the time required to be a great player, so I expect to make mistakes and be punished when I do so. I still think it's fun to play and knowing how high the ceiling goes is an exciting prospect. Part of the casual experience is picking up new knowledge over time. Believing that vanilla PVP Halo isn't a competitive game by nature is willful ignorance. There will, and SHOULD, always be a place in Halo games for relaxing and socially-oriented modes and playlists. No "competitive fans" are advocating for 343 to just hack out all of the fun extra stuff that makes the series unique. But modes that propose ranking players against each other should not feature inherently random or uncompetitive settings. My belief is that it's much easier/more intuitive to play a competitive game casually than it is to play a casual game competitively. And that's the point at which it seems like the community divides and at which 343 consistently chooses the wrong approach.
  2. The Halo community at large is the only group I can think of that is willfully and blissfully shit at "their" game. It's almost like some people wear it as a badge of honor. On multiple occasions you have pointed out how reddit and Waypoint react to/interpret things. Do you by chance follow League of Legends at all? The World Championship group stage is ongoing; check out their subreddit. I think there is perhaps a single topic on the entire first page NOT related to professional play. Granted it is the biggest event of the year for that game but the point I'm making here is that as a casual observer, other gaming communities fully embrace competitive play and in general, players like to improve over time. Popularity is NOT indicative of quality. I realize that's funny to say after my last point, but I think this is especially important to bear in mind with respect to Halo and its status as a niche franchise. At best, the "masses" don't know what's good for them and at worst, they agree that less skillful gameplay is the correct design direction. I place basically zero value on the opinion of the average r/Halo or Waypoint poster. While I don't mind playing Halo to mess around with friends or have fun with goofy custom games, in my opinion PVP gameplay should be inherently competitive. The typical modern Halo fan who enjoys long kill times and skill-less AR bullet hose spam probably doesn't have a firm grasp on why that style of game isn't fun for players who want to test their mettle. They just don't want to get repeatedly roasted by better players and need their dopamine drip-feed from the developer.
  3. I don't love all of the ideas you have come up with in here, but I think I agree with this one. Someone earlier was complaining about how including a useless version of sprint means you have one less button to map. Something like a toggle for alternate fire on what is currently the sprint button is an evolution that I view as respectful to the "guns-grenades-melee" trinity. It doesn't need to be some overly complex control scheme or complicated to activate. But I think this fits within the context of the Halo formula and could be really interesting if the guns had balanced design. It seems it would add something to each engagement without being utter bullshit.
  4. I'm 100% with you on this. Here's my problem, though: "Player Goal: Players will feel that they are skilled Spartans; armored super-soldiers, not regular foot soldiers." - from Quinn and the sandbox team's "combat doctrine" in the Waypoint update from yesterday that folks were talking about. I read this as "the players we care about like advanced movement because I M M E R S I O N". I simply cannot see a reality where this developer is willing to backtrack on something they have put so much energy into defending. My thought process was trying to align with the notion that we're going to get a compromise in the best-case scenario. It's hard to say what it would solve. Theoretically, maybe you wouldn't need to stretch maps as much if sprint isn't going to be available all of the time for all players? It's still present in this iteration but being so easily denied perhaps gets Waypoint types more accustomed to playing without it and maybe makes it easier to transition to a competitive playlist where it's off by default? I hadn't seen any proposed nerfs to sprint where it's flat out removed by something and seemed worth suggesting. As I mentioned before, I'm not the most well-versed in these things so this is mostly just throwing ideas at the wall to see if it sounds good. I'd much rather see sprint gone entirely, of course. It's hard to imagine now that Microsoft would make the decision to move away from 343. This is supposed to a 10-year long endeavor. What an interesting amount of job security that provides, eh?
  5. Hey everyone, I don't usually post but do lurk this thread from time to time to keep up with Halo news and all of that. There's nowhere I'd rather get updates from. It's nice to know there are other folks to commiserate with about the state of this franchise. I confess: I haven't played Halo in a long time now. Some of my usual crew have MCC, but many of them have long since moved on from these games and I have more or less done so myself. It hasn't stopped me from reading news and seeing what you all have to say about things. I'm not an active user of this forum, but I believe there's a kinship among the broken and abandoned fans of the series. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's commendable to see that you guys still care. I think it says a lot about how fun Halo used to be and the time that many of us put into the earlier games. I've cycled back and forth between apathy and disgust for years now. It would be nice to see a competitive Halo scene that was alive and thriving. You guys are (for the most part..) smarter than me about the game design and balance stuff, but I'll ask this: how would it work if sprint was available to players fresh off spawn until they were shot while using it? After that, it would be unusable again until the next respawn. It's just a thought I had but at face value it sounded like an improvement. But like I said, I'm not so knowledgeable with that type of thing. Back to lurking for me. Stay authentically you, Beyond.
  6. Maybe this finally puts that quote from Frankie about "building on Halo 5" to rest. It was ambiguous to begin with if I remember correctly (not even sure he was implying future Halo games would be based on H5), but an all-new engine is basically opposite of iterating on the previous entry, right? Still disappointed that we know nothing about the next Halo game except the title. But the blog post and general feel of that trailer has me a little bit more optimistic than I had been previously.
  7. I would have agreed until I read the blog post. I guess it's still possible they show a spin-off game, I dunno.
  8. That definitely had a Halo 3 vibe. Here's hoping we actually learn something about the game. Kudos on the art style, at the very least.
  9. Using the word classic in a tweet has to be a troll, right?
  10. I hope you're right about seeing in 4 days. I expect we'll see some campaign-themed teaser but I'd be pleasantly surprised if we learned anything solid about the multiplayer side of the next Halo game at E3. Like NavG said earlier in the thread, I'm just waiting to see if it's time to give up on a old hobby at this point.
  11. Skyrim is one of the best reviewed games of all time. The system doesn't fit Halo, I agree with you. But the most successful games going today all have that model (or something resembling it) in common. What I was ultimately getting at is that I have pretty low confidence that 343 could even pull that model off if it did fit Halo. The updates for Halo 5 were few and far between, the cosmetics are terrible, the DLC maps are awful.. none of these things imply that a true service model would work out even if they planned it well. That being said, I am fine with an attempt at it if that's what they want to do moving forward. Halo clearly needs something and I don't think just a return to classic gameplay is the solution to all of the problems. But if they move to a service model it at least forces their hand regarding updates and new content and I think that's a good start, especially if they could improve over time.
  12. Some of this isn't relevant to a shooter game at all. Champion reworks are pretty specific to MOBA and wouldn't really apply to Halo in any meaningful way I can conceive. There are no "Yasuo mains" in Halo for those champ-by-champ changes to affect. As for the perks (I think you're talking about runes here), that was a significant update to the game and it took place during the preseason after Worlds to iron out kinks before the new ranked season began. I don't think many of the changes to League are "flipped on its head" type of change. The game is very different over time, but most of the changes have been incremental with the exception of some truly big changes that happen during preseason. Just to touch on your second to last paragraph: I don't know if Halo would work at all on the service model. Weapon skins and armor customization are pretty simplistic and I can't imagine they alone would drive an economy around a game comparable to MOBA/Fortnite skins. You constantly interact with your player model in League and Fortnite and so you get some mileage out of skin purchases, but this isn't true for Halo. This isn't even addressing the idea that 343 completely bombed the armor in Halo 5 to begin with.. most of the armor is either redundant or looks like garbage. It's a big leap of faith to hope that they could put out consistently good cosmetic items with that model. I don't know what model WILL work for Halo, but it seems obvious that the major title, fire and forget, every 3-4 years one definitely won't any longer. Ideally I think a singular Halo multiplayer experience, based on classic Halo with iterative updates and a separate campaign "expansion" of sorts every year or 2 would be best. I think this approach would give 343 the space and (most importantly) the time to deliver whatever it is that they feel like dabbling in. 2019 - Halo multiplayer launches, concurrent with first Halo campaign "expansion" 2020 - Second Halo campaign "expansion", addition of Halo battle royale that a lot of people seem to want 2021 - Large update to Halo multiplayer And so on. All the while you see balance or refresh patches for the multiplayer. It doesn't seem like such a crazy idea to me.
  13. Don't think I saw it posted here yet but there's another MCC Development Update: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-3 If the game itself is as improved as the new splash and menu screens, we'll be in good shape.
  14. The only reason I have the tiniest bit of optimism for Halo 6 is because of the delay in information about it. Definitely hopeful that they took a step back after Halo 5's launch and realized that some of the things that really comprised the identity of the series have been lost and they're on the way back. The art direction is probably one of the more important ones outside of gameplay and it applies to every facet of the game. I don't think Halo 5 looks bad, but it does look unique. I don't think unique is the direction to take game 6 in a series. H2A looked good but imagine a game with Halo 3's style made with today's graphics? Damn that would be nice. The UI needs some attention though. Halo 5 was an improvement over Halo 4 but a carbon copy of the Reach UI would be spicy.
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