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  1. Map/Gametype Veto system. Teams pick gametypes they don't want to play, and what's left is what's played for the series.
  2. IMO it wouldn't be smart. You aren't going to suddenly make CLG bad by not scrimming them.
  3. If we assume that there should be another LCQ because Optic's new roster (whoever their replacement might be, including Flamesword) didn't qualify for the pro league, why just limit it to Elevate? Sure, they may be considered by popular opinion to be the best team besides the two the qualified in the LCQ, but that's a subjective argument. You cannot say with 100% certainty that had Optic not been present, or if they had played with a different 4th besides Naded, that Elevate would have been the other qualified team. Insisting otherwise is foolish. Furthermore, insisting that the remaining members of Optic (Ace, Str8 Sick, Maniac) be punished for the actions of Naded in these circumstances is equally foolish. He did not leave for another team, he retired. Would it have been better to wait for the transfer period? Sure. But again, this was not a team change, this was a player retiring. Whether it was a mutual agreement or a unilateral decision by Naded is a moot point. Have it count as Optic's one team change and leave it at that.
  4. The only way I'd put EG above CLG at this point is if they destroy CLG tonight (4-0, with steak sauce freely flowing). If they don't manage that, even if they beat CLG in the end, I'd still put CLG at the top.
  5. Actually forgot that it was the semifinals, that match felt like the damn grand finals on the mainstage. Gotta run right back to the stream lol
  6. They do have a coach, Symbolic. IMO, RNG played pretty good overall, just some missed callouts (like the one in G3 that led to Spartan getting backsmacked while he had railgun), some missed shots by various players with the railgun (which is no bueno on Fathom CTF) and yeah, some poor plays/shots by Ninja at crucial moments. I'm not going to say the dude played perfect the whole series, but we can't have it both ways. It feels to me that 90% of the time people forget the dude is actually pretty good at this game, but you wouldn't know it from the level of crap he gets from people. And hell, from (again) my perspective, the guy was fairly tilted coming in, with Commonly leaving the way he did, all the rostermania crap, particularly the stuff with Mikwen, and then they play EG, one of the top teams in the whole HCS, AND have the drama of a bad blood match with that. Not to mention that all the games were super close. Even as a fan of the guy, I wasn't sure if it wouldn't have been just a 2-0 for EG. And to lose essentially due to falling off the map at the worst possible time, shit, can you sit with a straight face and tell me you wouldn't be tilted after all that? And yet, they not only won the first game with a great clutch play, they kept things super close throughout. You could say that this is due to EG having to adapt to a new teammate, but to say that's the only reason is, to me, a cop out, and another example of irrationally bashing Ninja because it's easy to do. Despite everything, I'd say Ninja & RNG have come out for the better. They've improved from 6th to 5th seed overall, they found a great replacement for Commonly in Stellur, and they're still going to X Games. I'd say they could have had it much worse. Tomorrow's another day, and they have a great future to look forward to.
  7. That may be the case, but Renegades would be making a mistake if they didn't at least run games with Ogre 2. And honestly, I could see that working for Renegades. 2gre's knowledge and experience could really help Ninja and Spartan, and he's already teamed with Victory, so I'd imagine there's some chemistry there already.
  8. You can drop down divisions/sub-divisions if you keep on losing. Conversely, you can go up in ranking if you win.
  9. If you're wanting to get some PC parts for a bit cheaper, you might consider looking through r/hardwareswap and r/buildapcproxy.
  10. I get that, but he changed it to "Chig Liquid" It went from "professional" to "Do I even want to know what chig liquid is?"
  11. A lot can change from now to October. We may yet see further changes to the game's weapon balance. IMO, regardless of what's decided here (if anything), when H5 comes out proper, we should take time to test a wide variety of settings, map rotations (including forge maps), gametypes, and weapon starts, and come up with something that's viable for both competitors and spectators. We have a lot to choose from, and regardless of what settings we eventually go with, proper testing is crucial it should not take an entire season (HCS replay rules) or even an event (Anaheim 2011) to realize that some things are FUBAR.
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