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  1. My cousin and I been playin since 1 -have a lot of experience both onyxs-with right mix could Make some noise-dr snaggletooth and the1nonlysnick-feel free to Message us -on every night
  2. I've been doing this for along time -Im lookin for anyone that wants to work on their individual skill by playing octagon-just like br arena it will seriously improve your shot-been around halo since its inception and I know what it takes to get to the top level and it starts with your shot-then you move to your decision making-anyone looking to practice hit me up. The1nonlysnick
  3. The1nonlysnick and dr snaggletooth-been together since halo 1-looking to add to our team-we are on the grind to champion of we get the right mix-message us
  4. Me and my cousin been playing since halo 1-we been grinding every night and lookin for two more players to form a team-we are both onyx-hit us up- dr snaggletooth and the1nonlysnick
  5. The1NOnlySnick is my gamertag -the o is a letter-I've been around since halos inception-I competed in the Chicago event at pheasant run-at Charles during halo 3-recently just got back into halo 5 took a break after mcc-feel free to message me I'm on just about every night 7:00 central
  6. Me and my cousin have same background-looking to practice every night- The1NOnlySnick -the o in only is a letter and my cousin gamertag is Dr Snaggletooth

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