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  1. My connection to this site is not secure @saucer It would be great to see some new forge maps breathe fresh air into H3. The only maps I can stand playing are Pit and Narrows. Most of all the removal of amplified and onslaught should be a priority.
  2. Who do you guys think will have the worst transition from H5 to H3?
  3. I'm very interested to see how viewership is for UGC. Hopefully it's strong enough to warrant some bigger prize pools in the future. I can't see pros who are used to make 100k+ a year stick around to make chump change.
  4. Melee pulls huge numbers. Even small tourneys pull double H5 numbers.
  5. I would pay good money to just listen in on meetings at 343 for a week. It would be hilarious if I didn't love Halo so much.
  6. Yeah Halo is fucked. It will never get better. This is unbelievably stupid.
  7. Well that sucks, I was going to plug up my Xbox today. Guess not.
  8. I would like to see a multi-billion dollar corporation fund the events instead.
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