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  1. H3 hit rec confirmed light years better. It seems like maybe grenades are a bit too amped up, as I died to more death throw desperation nades than I remember but I probably don’t have enough data points and the people we’re playing against are quite a bit better on average imo. I’m happy with where the project it heading.
  2. I really never understood how people liked H2A. It’s slow, the aim assist is ridiculous, strafe is non-existent, melee takes bloody ages, only 5 maps, and the sniper is aim-bottishly easy to use. And the grenade spam - ugh. Also, how can you not have midship? I don’t get that.
  3. The claims of H5 being too competive conflate game mechanics with matchmaking. What casuals really mean when they say a game like Halo is too competitive is that they’re tired of getting their bottom kicked. That’s a matchmaking issue, not a mechanics issue. Imagine being a high school basketball team and getting matched against an NBA team, and then complaining that the basket is too high and there are too few balls in the court. The problem w 343’s Halo games is that the populations drop so fast and so dramatically that matchmaking goes to H in a hurry. Then everyone whines about the mechanics. 343’s challenge is to check their egos and make a Halo game - they have this way of focusing on having all these features “that every modern shooter MUST have” but then they end up making a game that’s just not that fun. I have to say it’s easier said than done though - look at the train wreck that is Destiny 2. If even Bungie can’t nail their fan base...
  4. I feel like 343 is starting to tinker with MCC. The hit recognition feels noticeably different for me in H2 and H3. Online play is so erractic though not sure if it’s real or random connection fluctuations. Anyone notice anything?
  5. First build in spring 2018... Biggest issue for me, aside from not working in random ways, is hit recognition across all OG games. Make it work and have great hit rec and I’ll be back in.
  6. The map selections are depressingly similar to MCC team slayer selections for H3. Sorry, the good maps don’t work (techincal problem). Classic 343 - just not quite right.
  7. Just to clarify - on waypoint it only lists guardian, pit, isolation, boundless, citadel, high ground, and ghost town. Are narrows and construct in the rotation? I pretty much only want to play narrows, pit, construct and guardian; I don’t see myself re-installing for boundless ctf...
  8. This history of Bungie from an engineering management perspective has some interesting things about Halo in it:
  9. I can tell you that the foundations for that conversation were laid years ago. Kids are very teachable in years 3-11, and if you don't establish respect and credibility then, your odds of suddenly establishing it during the teen years extremely low. Unfortunately he will eventually be disciplined by the real world, which will be a lot worse than what it would have been had he had it at home.
  10. This is just a vent post. Feel free to ignore. Currently, we are in the position where the most we have to look forward to is backwards compatibility for H3. Did you ever stop to think how truly sad and pathetic that is? But it's true. I have ZERO hope for H6. MCC guaranteed to not be fixed, and MCC will probably guarantee that CE and H2 won't be ported to X1. Any. Time. Soon. We all know 343's record. We have no reason whatsoever to expect H6 will be anything other than hot garbage. I never had my friends list check out from a Halo game as fast as with H5 (not even H4, which still shocks me to this day), well, except MCC, but even then they kept coming back with each update only to leave once again when it wasn't fixed. H2A, let's be honest, was bloody awful. With virtually no maps. No strafe. No speed. I'll never know how the pros stood playing that cheap, auto-aim mess for so long. In H5 they couldn't even get aiming right. Movement felt awful, the game slow and clunky, the sniper literally cancer. People thrusting everywhere, like a 90's butt hump dance party. I hate everything about 343's vision of Halo: the art, the sound, the gd f'ing spartan abilities, the aim, the feel, sprint, voices. Literally. Everything. Where now? No where. Halo 3 backwards compatibility. Bloody hell. End rant.
  11. I know it's early w Destiny 2, but so far it cracks me up in that it tries to do away with all the bs of Destiny (cuts way back on snipers, shotguns, heavy ammo, grenades, supers, e.g., cheap crap in general) and so it seems to be heading back to Halo roots. But then, it ends up being boring (and super team shootie) because the maps are bad and there aren't power weapons on map, so it lacks the strategic interest and the ability to come from behInd. It's like Bungie still doesn't know what made Halo good (as further evidenced by what they did in Reach, the game where they "accomplished everything they wanted for the series" (there was some quote like that.)) If Bungie doesn't know what made Halo good I doubt there's hope for 343. As far as my nomination for bad mechanics I still have to go with sprint because of its impact on soooo many aspects of the game. Once it's in it has a way of infecting the whole dam game. At least w things like armor lock they're easy to disable. But sprint ruins maps and a whole host of other thIngs that aren't easy to correct.
  12. Son, if this is your biggest issue w MCC H3 count yourself lucky...
  13. That's exactly what I'm worried about. Maybe they fixed Reach but it was crap when it first came to X1.
  14. Playing Destiny 2 has really made me appreciate the magic of Halo. D2 is technically very well done (and much better than H5 in my opinion - they at least did the turning/aiming right for god's sake) but it just isn't as fun and lacks the game-play variety of OG Halo... Anxiously awaiting H3 and CEA but I'm concerned that they will somehow be screwed up, just like MCC.
  15. 343's vision of Halo: 1) at least one thing major is always broken at launch, maybe never to be fixed or that takes forever to fix, 2) there's always an unbalanced noob weapon; 3) there's always at least one very irritating mechanic; 4) there are always pointless changes just for the sake of change; 5) communication is always crap; 6) there are always lies and broken promises.
  16. Played OG H3 last night and noticed that the colors were way more saturated than MCC - it looked a lot better color-wise, (aside from the (now) intolerable 30 FPS). It was on a different monitor than what I play MCC on though - anyone else ever noticed this? If it's not just a monitor issue why would that be? The whole world seemed a lot more vibrant and it was great to look at; why would 343 not want that?
  17. The fallacy that somehow modern games are "faster" because of sprint and that og halo just wouldn't appeal to the ADD generation drives me nuts. OG Halo is incredibly fast, on average and depending on map, in terms of engagements per minute. H1 and H2 are much more action packed and less clunky than modern Halo. Of course I only have a sample size of 1, but I introduced my son to OG Halo CE on OG XBox when he was 6 (13 now) and H1-3 are the only games that have "stuck". Even as bad as MCC has been he still ends up coming back to it after stints on Destiny, Battledield 1, etc. He dropped H5 in about 6 weeks (although will still play H5 infection, we he thinks is good). The other I thing I noticed is that he progressively laughed less as the series went on - you can't beat the raw fun factor of the original series. If you're really worried about appealing to the younger generation I would say check your assumptions, real fun is timeless and inter generational.
  18. I don't think it would be any different because 343 already had their mind made up at that point on what direction they were going with H5. They knew they were going to to jettison their aging fan base and aim for the next generation and MCC was an attempt to appease the old crowd while they themselves moved on. When it turned out to be harder than they thought they just gave up and said the hell with it. Nothing would save H5 from 343's perverse vision of Halo. MCC, for me, allowed me to accept that Halo as I knew it would never return, so I quit wasting time with 343 (giving feedback, posting, and all that jazz). I knew it wouldn't return because they couldn't even get the original games to play right, so there's simply no hope for them. The best we can hope for is that they fail completely and new blood takes over. Sorry to be so grim but that's my honest, heart felt view of the situation.
  19. I would be all for H3 anniversary if it wasn't for 343's incompetence. Have you all forgotten about H2A (yes, I know technically they didn't make it but they put their name on it)? H2A multiplayer was garbage. Movement, strafe, etc. was nothing like H2C (so slow) and H2A basically had auto-aim. And, like 4 maps. I'll never know how the pros endured that game for as long as they did. Frankly, their performance was a testament to the endurance of the human spirit almost on the same level as the guy who chewed his hand off when it got stuck in a crack on a mountain climbing expedition.
  20. MCC has obvious problems, but I still play it because having sub-par versions of 1-3 is better than H5 imho. I experience bad connections, quitters, lag, bad shot registration, etc. but at least it isn't sprint, OP AR's, thrusters, spartan charge, horrible radar, crap sniper, grating sound design, bad maps, ground pound, stretched out maps, visual noise out the yin yang, and an awful campaign (the first I haven't bothered completing on legendary). The OG Halo's were so pure they still shine to me even through 343's contemptible mismanagement.
  21. I think the biggest difference across all games between MCC and the OG versions is shot registration. Even in H3 the shot reg is noticeably worse in MCC than on 360. That and population size
  22. Hitting an H3 sniper quickscope is one of the the most satisfying things in gaming, imho.
  23. Obviously MCC launch day, but for me the sinking feeling started w/ the H5 reveal and the aim down sites fiasco. I really thought w/ MCC and no-sprint H2A that 343 had really found Jesus and was bringing Halo back to its roots. Then the hype tournament before MCC launch showed MCC had problems and the sprint-filled Spartan ability crap H5 reveal w/ the non ads ads just showed that 343 was jettisoning its OG player base. I felt like puking as I watched H5 for the first time. Then the MCC launch just sealed it. But it was the H5 reveal that told me Halo as I knew it was gone forever (or at least as long as 343 is ruining things).
  24. It's tough. I tried this a couple of months ago. While H3 on MCC isn't perfect, it's playable (at least for me and I can get games pretty fast) and H3 360 looks so bad now w 30fps not to mention the controllers being noticeably worse compared to X1. Population was terrible. I was pretty much stuck w social slayer. It was surprisingly hard to adjust to, and the hit rec is much different (better) on X360. In the end it just made more bitter, as MCC is so much better in some respects, but it's not a perfectly tuned H3, which would be amazing. So much Halo hope down the tubes w MCC.
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