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  1. On vacation and the wifi on the beach will only support 160p but I gotta watch!
  2. Bad move on Hecz's part selling majority share. I would have thought he was smarter than that.
  3. The T2 going to jail meme has been going on for so long that I actually believe it.
  4. Im sure this has already been said a few times but in the weekly update they said any Halo 6 info wont be anytime soon. And we all know how long "soon" can be.
  5. Dont let all this esports wiki drama distract you from the fact that Cratos will never be a Halo pro again.
  6. I dont see Cratos being picked up by any of the current pro teams.
  7. A year and a half into H5 and we finally get leaderboards for ranked playlists.
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