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  1. Diamond 3 matching team of 4 with champion 19. This games done for. Matching team of 4 champions every other game while I'm solo diamond. About to hang this game up for good. I also bet that 343 made it so champions find games easier while everything else stayed the same. Diamonds are going to match high onyx and champs without ever matching people lower than them.
  2. Hopefully people don't use rep to determine if people know what they are talking about or if they are credible in what they say. Browsing the threads here, memes generate far more rep than valuable conversations.
  3. Get into Halo 1. Even with the problems it has on MCC, it still has the highest skill gap of all the Halos. It will change your outlook on the whole series.
  4. Obviously two different extremes, but I like the old style of graphics that don't try to immerse you with realism. In Halo, I think the graphic style of Halo 1 and 2 are miles ahead of the route that 343 is taking with their style. Overall, the old arena style of graphics is a lot better than the trend of realistic military shooters. In Halo, the old graphic style is better than the "immerse yourself in a video game that's a simulation of spartan training in 2750" graphic style.
  5. Playing MCC again reminds me how much I like video games that look like actual video games. Halo 1 has the best overall graphic design of any video game I've played. Halo 2 is a close 2nd. Halo 3 is as much realism as I'd ever want. I've never understood the people who want video games to look like real life.
  6. Absolute shit. Doubles is pretty bad as well. It's a struggle to finish a kill by yourself at mid to long range on any map. Halo 1, 2, 3, and maybe even Reach v7 had great gameplay, whether it was 1vs1, doubles, or 4vs4. When gameplay suffers just by lowering the player count, you know there are core gameplay problems. Halo 5 may be a good game, but it's not that great Halo, IMO. I know some people here love the 4vs4, and I am becoming more fond of it myself, but it's not classic gameplay that can be played at any player count. I really don't think people even play 1vs1 games on Halo 5. I think I saw someone 1v1ing on Plaza as a warmup the other night and the first person that got the sniper just sat back and hit headshots and noscopes for like 5 minutes.
  7. We need to spice this thread up with another stat guy fight pronto
  8. Yep. Feels like we're back on host instead of dedicated servers. Anyway to check this?
  9. Make sniper in snipe room on Damnation spawn less. Only spawn on your teammate 1 time then get random spawn after that until he dies. The amount of times I spawn with an enemy looking at me is just plain ridiculous. This should limit the snowball effect of Halo 1. Powerups shouldn't be able to be naded. You should be punished for not getting top control on Damnation and not be able to nade camo. Nerf the pistol to a 4sk so the weapon sandbox is actually viable Make the needler a viable weapon and make it so you can quick camo with it Put the sniper on Hang em High in an actual place that you can get it in game without fucking dieing to anyone from anywhere on the map. I like the sniper placement at shotguns for objectives games. Should be like that all the time, IMO. Square off camo on Beaver Creek so it cannot become stuck. Slight buff to the AR so you can beat someone in close range that has a pistol. I think Halo 5 does a really good job of this. Close range weapons should beat mid/long range weapons between players of equal skill in close range. I feel crippled with a weak sidearm like the AR. Buff the plasma rifle so it actually does damage. Probably the most useless weapon in Halo history, IMO. Other than that Halo 1 is a great game and has aged quite well. Definitely has a high skill gap
  10. I just quit out now. Fuck wasting my time for ranks that don't mean anything.
  11. I still dream of the day that I wake up one morning, go onto the internet, and see an announcement that an independent studio got partial rights to Halo and is making Halo: Combat Evolved 2, strictly multiplayer. Ranked playlists, dedicated servers, server browser, the works lol. I think if some really smart people got together they could make some exciting new innovations to the series while keeping the skill gap the same. 3 or 4 new weapons that do more than shoot bullets in a straight line, 4vs4 with spawns similar to 2vs2(this one would be hard, but I think it's possible), quality maps, huge BTB battle modes, firefight etc. A man can dream lol.
  12. While the pistol is definitely funky along with the netcode, the skillgap of Halo 1 is still very apparent on MCC. The pistol becomes frustrating when you play people around the same skill level as you and the outcome of the match is determined by connection or random kills resulting from the poor netcode. I still think it's a pretty solid game even on MCC. You can still absolutely destroy people if you have better map/spawn knowledge and use grenade tricks for weapons and powerups. I know the pistol is a huge part of the game, but the spawns are 99% the same and the nade tricks are 99% the same. Halo 1 on MCC is no Halo 1 on lan, but it's a pretty solid taste of what makes the skill gap big with Halo 1. The pistol being funky definitely takes a huge part of the skill gap away, but it's Halo 1, it still has a bigger skill gap than the other Halos even without the pistol, IMO.
  13. I agree, Team Arena should reflect the exact maps and game types used for tournaments. Wasn't that its original purpose? Should be a quick fix and its really the next thing they should do, IMO. I'd be way more confused as a casual if it wasn't for this forum on what maps and game types are used for tournaments compared to MLG playlists in the past.
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