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  1. We've been running games and are looking to round out our team. We play almost every night. GT: SIXFOURFOUR Send me a message on here or twitter or XBL.
  2. East Coast Can Travel Have Discord Been Onyx throughout H5 Looking to not solo queue anymore Just looking to run games and find a team to continue grinding Halo. Possibly go to any LAN's. Message on here or on XBL. GT: SIXFOURFOUR Twitter: SIXFOURFOUR
  3. Still looking for team. Anybody that wants to run. Hit me up on here or twitter. @@SIXFOURFOUR or GT: sixfourfour
  4. Down to run games or even just play pubs. Hate the solo queue life.
  5. 100% down man. hit me up if im online
  6. I work for Gamestop and that's what we've been told however, it could change. Due to the fact that it's activision i doubt it.
  7. I agree with that. For the most part. Looking at blood gulch its a different story lol. But competitive maps for sure I'd agree. CE faster
  8. Looking to run games with people who are interested. Please be able to use discord and be willing to work on things as a team to get better as a team. GT: SIXFOURFOUR
  9. But what is the TTK in both games respectively? I have never taken time to look at that. TTK is what makes a game feel fast or slow in this conversation I think. I think overall map movement Halo 5 is faster but Matches in Halo CE seem to go faster but that could be TTK and map layout differences. IMO. Have we compared these things?
  10. Yeah dude. I was the first in my house hold to be Halo CE and I did it with a usb Playstation controller. Those were the days man.
  11. Anybody remember when Halo CE was on PC? Yeah me too. Thats how I played Halo first and it made me get an Xbox. Halo does have a place on PC.
  12. I think that it would be better without radar but they way the game plays currently it just rewards crouching instead of being able to be fast and sneaky. I vote no radar.
  13. what are you guys looking to do? like esl cups and stuff?
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