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  1. Have you ever heard of a vlog? Because that's what you're watching. Cmon dude, don't talk smack about something you don't even know about.
  2. I'm gonna go with Heinz. Dude's consistently good and doesn't get the respect he deserves. H5 really suits his fast paced obj playstyle. @@Beltway Bounce
  3. God, I'm so disappointed as a fan right now. That's all I can say about this situation.
  4. Trying to improve my game in every aspect. Add me if you want to octagon, practice small talk, practice callouts, run 8s. Literally anything that will help me and you become better at the game. GT: ncrazy235
  5. Would you say he's spent a life-changing amount, though? :puckett:
  6. Wait, are we drafting for LAN events? Gotta know whether or not Hysteria is really an option.
  7. I was so torn between him and Eric, but I regret nothing!
  8. I'll take Snipedown, rivalry be damned.
  9. An interesting pick for him to team with Frosty, but I can see them playing well.
  10. Still salty I didn't get Roy, but good pick Brute. I was torn between Lethul and Frosty, but ultimately I felt that a team could be dominant without him, but it'd be much harder for a team to dominate without TJ. Also @@mediabrute you get another pick because you picked last for the first round, so you pick first for the second round.
  11. Knowing Brute, he's making a gif to announce his pick Edit: @@mediabrute pls
  12. Aw c'mon, Chad, why you gotta take my boy. I'll go with America's Least Favorite Gamer, Lethul.
  13. Also if we end up naming these teams, I call Str8 Rippin. Don't even care if T2 isn't on the team.
  14. Infiltration is killing me with this second pick
  15. 100%, would've been upset for him if he hadn't been first pick. That'd be like not drafting Stephen Curry first. Easily the best player in the game.
  16. Good on you man. Glad to see none of the shadiness that plagued the first rostermania isn't happening this time. (This isnt really directed at you, more at all the pros in general)
  17. We might want to bring Grasping Square in for Infiltration
  18. We should get Simms in here to cast these picks
  19. Sahweeeeeeeeeeeet! Let's go boys, Start your picks!
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