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  1. I however would love to see a picture of the stats screen from that Rig TS game where he dropped only two kills
  2. Personally I see a possible 12-1 incoming. Maybe not a 13-0, but who knows. Edit: Personally cannot wait for when EG gets back on the grind. I want to see the improvements they can make, and after a fee nights of shaking off the rust, see how they fare against CLG. That's the biggest matchup for me, really. This RNG vs CLG series is gonna be about how good can RNG handle losing, while EG vs CLG will be about if EG has what it takes to take a series off CLG.
  3. I think we're going to see a slaughter tonight, honestly. CLG knows how important this scrim is, and they will seriously try theor hardest to demoralize RNG. Plus they lost quite a few games last night, so I'm sure they'll be coming into tonight knowing how to improve from their mistakes against Liquid. My money's on a blowout.
  4. I think we should all now realize why this Intel dropped so late, and why Optic wanted to lock their roster by Sunday, and why Cratos held his Spotlight back and everything. All the ALG members needed to be on set tears in order to get to this invitational, and they couldn't announce it without inviting the 4 confirmed teams.
  5. If they were to team, they'd be the biggest underdogs of the century. Bring back STK or some other name that's not trademarked just for old times sake.
  6. At this point, I think it's about time we fire Bravo. First he ruins the game with the os glitch, then he ruins the arena Playlist with binaries, now he's turning off the servers? How dare he! If they're still with the Denial org, are they still F/A? I'm curious how that works.
  7. No rush, but hurry the fuck up so we can read that spotlight that Fletch worked so hard on! Really excited to see where T2 and Fear land. Maybe they'll team together? Who knows.
  8. Thanks for the info Batch! Good luck moving forward, you beautiful Scottish bastard.
  9. Heinz can't be done after this season. He played really well this year and last year, been on top teams, and just needs a good team to do well. He's a very aggressive obj players so he gets shit on for having a lower K/D, but that's the nature of the position. Plus he can actually lead the team in TS, so he's got slaying power.
  10. Hey, does anybody know how to multi quote on mobile? I hate having to make multiple posts to reply to multiple people, makes me feel annoying.
  11. Is it just me or does the mobile version of Beyond (on Google Chrome for android) drain phone battery like a monster? I charge my phone multiple times a day because all I do is lurk for dank memes.
  12. OT but just wanted to thank you for always streaming old Halo tourneys. They were the light in the dark during the time between H2A and H5.
  13. You know, you're damn right. I don't even know where I got that from. Don't I look the fool? lol
  14. He was super obvious about it too, he didn't even have a webcam and he somehow has 1k viewers? Please.
  15. It seems that lately there really isn't a whole lot of stylistic differences between teams due to pretty much everyone trying to adapt to the meta that CLG created. This game is about rotations, agressively pushing every advantage, and really just making it a numbers game in your favor. Watching Tower during his streams pretty much clarifies that all the top teams are trying to adapt this way. The aggressiveness of this game is why RNG beat EG at Worlds, and the teams know it. Denial was equally aggressive against CLG in slayers and were able to take a game that way. Edit: Redaction what I said about Denial and slayers. NavG pointed out that I was wrong, and I was. Still, I stand by everything else.
  16. This is a great idea, but you've gotta really be on too of it. You either need to have every pros stream send you a message when they go live or have multiple people who can check periodically. Also just tweeting out the stream is only gonna do so much. If you tweet out the stream, maybe a little later tweet that the stream has reached x amount of viewers, or that they're doing a giveaway, or something. Singular tweets get lost in the Web of twitter so easily.
  17. If we're really gonna get on this topic, I'd like to say that I've tried getting pros opinions on radar but most give me mixed emotions like "we should try it and see" or "it might make the game too random". The only pro that gave me a straight answer was the man Jimbo, who said that he likes it the way it is, because when he played without radar at GamesCom it was way too campy.
  18. Definitely game win/loss. If a team got reverse swept in a BO7 then it'd basically negate their first three games, which they earned.
  19. Definitely think the 2/3, maybe even 3/5. But I much prefer these lower scores, hate when scores are unnecessarily inflated (aka Halo 4/Infinity Slayer)
  20. I think a simple score multiplier should work. Get half credit for an L (or more IDK how low it should go) and full regular credit for a W.
  21. A ballsy choice for a Pro League. Respect.
  22. I'd have to agree, EG looked damn good last night. Not as great as CLG, because they kept having poor starts to matches, but they were able to utilize small talk and good teamwork mid to late game to close out multiple comebacks. It's looking good from here on if EG keeps up this improvement.
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