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  1. My girlfriend actually really likes Halo, but she needs a level lower than Bronze to play. lol
  2. I think it's because it takes away the "burn" mechanic, even though it really doesn't. I see pros mess up the glitch all the time, and it actually takes longer to get the power up that way. I think it's fine, since it requires the player to perform a glitch that is easy to mess up in order to get the power up without the pickup. I think it's just like BxR, honestly. One could argue that it took a lot of the skill out of close 1v1s, but it also added skill because the player had to successfully pull off the glitch under pressure.
  3. I don't think Lunch would need to move in, just like Formal doesn't move into the Opic Scuf house. He's just gotta show up for a while before a tourney. Plus he's got built in chemistry with everyone but Suspector, so I think he's good.
  4. I'm interested and have nothing else to do in my life. Sent you a DM, let me know.
  5. After this LAN, I 100% see another rostermania where the top performers who didn't qualify get together and find the best teams. After all this, I don't see Hysteria or Lifestyle making any teams. I see Heinz finding a group with either the best AMs or the leftover pros.
  6. It's possible but timing is difficult and connection is garbage for at least one team. This was the reason that Epsi didn't scrim any NA teams before coming to NA.
  7. To be fair, they don't need to win SH to win a series. In fact, I think if I were them I'd rather be better at CTF and TS than SH and TS. Although being good at all of them is how you reach CLG levels of great.
  8. Honestly I feel for @@Randa so much. Literally anytime I've seen him playing with other pros he's doing his hardest to get better as a player, but it really seems like nobody respects him among the rest of the pros. I remember one time in particular where I was watch Hamy and Randa and 2 others warming up in ctf, and Randa was really pushing to play some matchmaking so that he could work on his small talk and communication, and the entire lobby just shut him down and kept doing what they wanted to do. Randa has always played well and is usually consistent on his teams, but always ends up the scapegoat. It's not just Hysteria doing it, because every team he's been on since H2A has done it. Hysteria was pretty open about it though, which doesn't surprise me since hes been an asshole since H3. There's a reason people don't like teaming with Jacob, and it's not his Internet. Maybe he'll get lucky though and SK will come back since he was the only person who actually seemed to like Hysteria. Edit: Also gotta give it to Heinz for apologizing and owning up to mistakes made. Everyone does rash things when you get frustrated, but owning up to it and apologizing is what separates a Heinz from a Hysteria.
  9. They might just do a series for the spot, but most likely they'll just forfeit the spot and everyone will compete for the 6 spots.
  10. I think it's clear Ogre 2 is the GOAT, but I think Snipedown is giving him a run for his money. The dude has been very successful for 4/5 Halo games now, winning events in nearly every iteration of Halo except H1 and H2, and that's because he was less than 10 years old when H1 came out. Once 2gre retires in the hopefully distant future, I think we'll see Snipedown continue on and surpass him in success.
  11. I think the story of this weekend was that EG finally is showing a bit of what made them great at XGAMES again. This whole weekend they were incredibly fast and aggressive on rotations, something they've struggled with for a long time. Lunchbox really showed that he's still a GOAT, even with all the naysayers. In regards to @@Commonly, I don't think he was the problem really, but I also don't think the team would have succeeded with him on it. He's an amazing player, and he really does play like Lunchbox, which is why he was/is so successful on other teams. No team needs two Lunchboxes, and while they made it work and played really well together, it was an easy weakness to pinpoint for CLG. From what I've seen and what I've heard, Suspector plays very aggressive as well, but in a totally different way. And from what I've seen of him, Hamy is agressive in an objective/leader roll. Ayden (sp?) is more of an assist machine who stays alive as much as he can. Commonly leads the charge and causes as much damage as possible while still managing to move the objective simultaneously. It is a shame that the casters couldn't really call it like this during the event, because it's easier to tell a true story than make one up. This is why we're seeing both RNG and EG thrive with the rosters they have, and we will continue to see the two teams duke it out because both teams now have players who truly mesh well with each other. I can't wait to see how the two match up in the Pro League.
  12. After playing both Tyrant Assault and CTF back to back, I have to say that I don't particularly enjoy Assault as itsoon very easy to get a plant in just one round of slays. CTF is fun due to the scrappiness of the caps, but I also don't believe it will be competitive due to how random it is.
  13. I thought that game was really fun to watch. I mean, did you guys see that double kill by Lunch with the storm rifle, then Box challenged Maniac who also had a storm rifle, and then Roy cleaned up Maniac with another storm rifle? Very precise game play there.
  14. Lowkey the GOAT of this event is in-game stats. The casters calling out damage dealt so far mid-game is really intriguing and gives the viewer a lot more info than ever before. 343 doing stats right this event.
  15. Can't wait to see OG vs EG. It will be very interesting to see how far Optic has come. Of course EG will win it all, but this could be good.
  16. At the very least we have great looking remakes we could use
  17. You must have missed the r/halo subreddit then. My god, they love Reach more than Master Chief himself. Reach actually made me quit Halo until MCC it was that bad. EDIT: New Optic podcast about Halo (and 100 Thieves but that's irrelevant) https://youtu.be/MBgsAww53dU
  18. Not to downplay El Town or Rayne's abilities, as they're both fantastic players, but I can't help but think one or both of them just don't mix with the others. MikOla (the next Happy Meal combo) is a good duo which have been proven to play well together, so I don't think it's them. I just think this was too short of an off season for the teams to truly find the best squads for everyone. Good for the viewers, bad for everyone but CLG (and maybe EG, since I think they're pretty guaranteed 2nd place with the way theyreally playing, but that's a discussion for another post/topic). Maybe it's rosetinted glasses, which it probably is, but it seemed like the longer offseason really benefitted MLG back in H3 because better and better teams formed each year. Really made it interesting. Also it allowed for the meta to evolve more between seasons. But waiting for the next seasons sucked, so there is that downside. If only we could have the best of both worlds.
  19. H5 is a great game, and 343 knows it. What I think they don't know is that it's not the best game it could be yet. H5's success story could be so much greater than it is right now. We've already hit peak viewership for all of Halo events ever (100k finals), we're seeing new and old faces in competition, the social playlists that we have are great and fun. But if we were to have better matchmaking, more gametypes, a more balanced sandbox, this game would be all that more successful. 343 needs to keep supporting this game for longer than the summer with content and UI and things players can utilize if they want this game to stay popular. Right now this game will lose population very fast after these free updates stop coming every month. 343 should strive to make this game as retentive as H3 was. If a good population sticks with H5 for its lifespan, H6 will be that much more popular (as long as 343 doesn't fuck it up). And if 343 could make it to where I don't have to dashboard every other game to play good maps, I'd appreciate it. And so would everyone else.
  20. Well now I'm a few seconds later because of him. Damn, Maniac, quit your shit, I'm trying to live my dreams!
  21. Has nobody in this thread brought up the changes they did to Arena maps yesterday, or did I miss it? It seems like after everyone threw a (rightfully deserved) bitchfit over Binaries, nobody said shit about them being removed.
  22. So many people expecting so much from EG from a scrim versus CLG on their second night back. Chill yall. Let EG get back in their groove. Shit happens in the offseason, let's not look too far into it. Edit: not to take away from CLG, you guys played really well. I do think though if all these teams keep up their work, they'll give you a run for your money, so you better be ready.
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