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  1. He's at Celeste's rn. That Regret saw the Twins go off and carry though
  2. No doubt he was playing great. I remember multiple points during the scrim where a member of EG complained about how Frosty just does not die. Especially on Coliseum, the guy's movement is incredible.
  3. Won't be a full scrim tonight. Shame, but we'll see how it goes.
  4. That game was so clutch. Suspector with great pushes, Roy shitting, great communication. EG is looking good.
  5. I gotta say, while I disagree with how the top 5 are placed (I know it's aggregated so I understand), I really agree with the bottom and I think that we will see Elevate and Optic qualify. It's a shame we don't get to see Liquid up to their potential, but injuries happen and I'm sure when APG is back to 100% they'll probably relagate a bottom team as they're a great team that got some bad luck.
  6. Hate to break it to you, but focused doesn't fix any of that. Or the connection issues. It honestly seems like a placebo.
  7. 2gre would have to play in the Open Qualifiers, since Nem left and Arkanum retired. Alas, he is not on any of the teams in the Open today. Maybe tomorrow, but it doesn't look good in GOATville. Edit: BTW, if you wanna team tomorrow, Tom, I'm available I guess this offer extends to anyone else as well. We won't win (most likely) but always down to play with the Beyond fam
  8. A guy I knew in high school, scionizzle, is competing in the Open Qualifier today with Active, pretty cool to see that. I love these open tourneys, always cool to see people you know or the meme team compete. Let's have a great tourney today guys, and let's maybe try to keep the focus of discussion today on the AMs as this is their time to shine.
  9. Can we talk about how of all the maps that were changed in the test playlist, somehow Eden Slayer remained the same? What the heck, man. They didn't even attempt to change it up so that Blue base wasn't overpowered as fuck. They made it so that Red doesn't get much of an advantage in SH, but TS is exactly the same. Also what if 2gre moves to EU to replace Chalkie on XMen? Then the European God Squad takes down CLG? That'd be the bee's knees, I tell you what.
  10. Honestly, this thread was a drag to catch up on this morning. This whole power ranking argument is stupid, who cares if people rank teams higher than you think and who cares if someone disagrees with your content. Both @@CyReN and @@VinFTW are in the wrong here. Cyren, you gotta let it go when people question your content. It just looks unprofessional imo. I really couldn't tell the difference between your posts from a regular member, and you're an admin. Chill out fam, let them have their opinions on your content. Vin, you can't let people drag a fight out of you over your criticism. Just say it and be done. I'm glad you guys are done fighting now, but God please don't do it again. This shit was unbearable to go through. In other news, T2 getting a good team for once is great. Really hope it works out, even if Zeke and Tom don't always get along. I know they both are willing to put their differences aside to try and get a spot in the League. They took down Soul Red in a scrim so they can definitely hang with a top Am squad. I can see them doing really well in the open qualifiers. My predictions for the Open: Elevate, Str8. My prediction for LCQ: Elevate, Liquid w/ Assault
  11. What? E6 is somehow super aggressive now? They may be aggressive at times, but (and I hate to give credit to Cratos but I have to here) they are probably the best team at slowing the game down to a crawl. And in regards to Strongside, the dude shouldnt be forced into the position he has been these past few tourneys. SS is an analyst and not a play by play, yet hes always paired with an analyst and stuck doing something he clearly isn't comfortable with. I mean, does Goldenboy shine on the analyst desk? No, because that's not his area of expertise. Side should never have been paired with Gaskin because both of them aren't experienced with PbP (it was Gaskin's first time for Play by Play, and while he was good he was still lacking), and that's okay for them not to be, but they shouldn't cast together on main stage during a big series. They both tried to make up for each others lack of PbP, and it really just didn't work. I love all the effort that's being put in by 343 and ESL, but I don't think anyone would have a problem with and rotating on the PbP with rotating analysts.
  12. Ah, glad to see the RNG fanboys at work again. Keep bashing Optic and ignore that on LAN Optic and RNG are tied and in just a tourney setting Optic is 2-1 over RNG. Both teams can't be good somehow, Optic just sucks dick. Got it yall
  13. I can't say I've watched all the early H2 tourneys, was there actually 1 Flag on Zanzibar?
  14. It kind of is unrealistic due to the inability for pros to select the servers they play on. The UI and selection just isn't in the game, and then how do they just make the servers available to only pros? Then you'd have grassroots Lans trying to use them, bringing a whole plethora of issues along with it. I'm not sure the implementation would be worth it, even if it meant a flawless Pro League. The manhours to create it would likely outweigh any benefits of it.
  15. EG never passes up on practicing because of LBX. These past few weeks they've just had to deal with Suspector's schedule, who really seems to be going a little overboard with his days off. He made a very big commitment when he joined EG and has an insanely good opportunity in front of him, he needsaid to really sit down and recommit himself to this. A kid straight out of high school making tens of thousands of dollars right out of HS? That's an opportunity you can't let yourself squander. And to Audley's question, most fans can excuse a singular loss because most teams can have a really bad day (although it's still not all that acceptable especially if it's the day of a tourney), but losing two nights in a row to different teams means it wasnt just an off night. Sure maybe it's two off nights in a row, but that's quite unlikely. Plus it might be 3 nights actually because they played pretty poorly against CLG too. They aren't winning in a dominant fashion like they were for PAX, which is easily attributed to the lack of practice since the tourney.
  16. There's no ideal team that I can think of, mainly because chemistry between players is huge and playstyles between great players can either mesh or contradict. But my issue is that the teams we have now just aren't the best teams we could have. The level of competition we could have could be on part with H3 with the number of top tier players, but it isn't and that is a huge problem. And I wouldn't say I'm taking much pre-H5 notions, since I put Liquid near the top due to the fact that all these new players are fucking awesome.
  17. My main gripe (right now at least, mainly the reason I've been trash talking @@Cratos today) has been the fact that I'm actually pretty upset about the teams that have formed for this season. I genuinely don't believe that most of these teams even slightly believe they're competing for 2nd at this point. The only teams that even remotely seem like they **formed** with the idea that they could possibly win an event were EG, RNG, and Liquid (shocker to some, maybe). Liquid may not be performing to their potential yet, but I believe that those on the team believe that they can take down CLG. I believe that all the teams WANT to win, but I really doubt most of these lower caliber teams actually think to themselves, late at night as the stare at the ceiling trying to sleep, that they think they can win with these rosters. Like @@Cratos, what placing do you genuinely believe you're going to achieve this season? Do you think you're going to go into the Playoffs higher than the 3rd seed? The same criticism goes to most of the other teams now. Where does 2gre think he's gonna place with Denial? I get that there's the thrill of competing, but it seems like people have lost the drive to beat the best. The only team that's not quite top 3 right now but believes they can win is nV, and while I don't believe they'll pull it off (even though it'd be awesome to see), I respect the fact that they think they can win and play like they should be winning. I realize this is poorly written, but this is a problem that I know can't just be bothering me. There are so many potential teams to be made that could be absolutely amazing, but aren't being made due to reasons unknown. Loyalty among some players to stick together? Lack of drive to win but looking to grab some cash? Or maybe it's just due to how short the offseason was. But god damn do I want this season to be more competitive as it could be, but I just don't see it happening. And I'm sorry to anyone I offend or irritate with this post. Maybe I just don't see what you guys see in these rosters. But maybe suboptimal teams are what we'll see all season long.
  18. Carlos, man, I'm not trying to make you pull a Gary. I still think you're gonna make Pro League, I just think it's pretty clear that your placings this season are gonna be lower than last season's.
  19. Chemistry that is that easily broken shouldn't exist in the first place. I think Optic should play the best teams possible and improve as much as possible, and maybe take an easy scrim or 2 right before the event to get them feeling even better. But they should definitely play CLG/EG/RNG these next 2 nights at least. Kinda seems like it, seeing as Sal, Ayden, and Brett ended up on better teams than you. But hey, at least you get to ride in a private jet.
  20. I love how you said it was the event of your life but not only did you drop a breadstick on Championship Sunday with 100,000 people watching, but you were also outshone by Suspector, Naded, AND El Town. Kinda makes you think how well ALG would've done with a better 4th.
  21. Honestly I think we're seeing that E6 is just a low tier pro league team. They'll battle to get out of 7-8th, which I don't see them even doing. It's clear they're better than AM teams, but I really see Cratos as the downfall of the team. He only seems to turn up when he plays amateur teams (him going off during the Eden TS vs Str8 for example) but he doesn't perform vs big teams and his strats just don't hold up. We'll see if he can prove himself, but I don't think we'll see anything out of him. I use to think the weak link on ALG was Naded, but now I see it was Cratos.
  22. I love that Lethul loves to pick on my posts, it makes me feel a little special. But it's funny because it's not like we were having a discussion about how to improve from the OS Glitch (like with the damaged shields burn), I was just discussing why I thought you guys disliked the glitch (removes burn mechanic) but me also pointing out that this mechanic of the glitch is still a better system than the base system of burning the powerup entirely with no reward whatsoever. Had we had a discussion about the situation, you would see that I agree with you that the glitch is unideal. But I disagree that the base mechanic and meta is ideal because I personally think grabbing an OS should reward you more than just keeping the OS out of the other teams hands, even if the reward was a second of invulnerability. Camo is obviously another matter, as it can get burned anyways since you don't get any boost in health.
  23. Just because a team can dominate MM doesn't mean they'll win in an event setting. Jimbo's roster is stacked, I don't see anyone competing with them really.
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