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  1. I mean, it doesn't have to be officially sanctioned. Both teams who qualify could just play a series for bragging rights and for that sweet sweet viewership
  2. Clown Fiesta is getting destroyed in Game 5. Cloud seems to be the only one playing well. Towey just called it a well done steak, but the only thing done is Hysteria's career.
  3. Congrats @@Batchford! This series between Catastrophe and French Toast Mafia is super close. 2-2 right, game 5 Coli slayer.
  4. Hopefully Catastrophe streams their series, I love rooting for the underdog. I really think they could qualify if they aren't on Optic's side of the bracket. If they met Optic in the winners finals then they'd only have to be in the losers bracket for one series, which definitely is in their favor. Elevate obviously can be beat by them (not knocking Elevate, more praising Catastrophe) and with the way Liquid has been playing they can be upset by anyone. Edit: This comeback by @@Batchford is lit
  5. Bold prediction for the day: Clown Fiesta doesn't make it out of groups and Hysteria retires
  6. Not saying it would be better, but did anyone consider a Red Flag SH? Not sure how that'd play, just curious.
  7. Honestly, this thread has gone to sit since Worlds. Even when there were events, it just seems like the life has gone from here. The memes have died down, the same arguments (not discussions), and everyone just seems angry most of the time. Maybe I just got spoiled by Regionals and Worlds, but this place just isn't as friendly as it used to be.
  8. I doubt he'd rank it the same, since H2C definitely took more skill than H2A. More maps/gametypes, button combos,and more of a focus on individual play. H2A was pretty different, even if it was a remaster.
  9. Honestly pretty upset that we couldn't get an LCQ LAN, mainly because I'd like to see how the veterans that haven't gotten a chance truly perform at an event. LAN Tsquared is a lot different from online Tsquared, same with Crysteria and the other vets. I'd also like to see Trippey and crew prove themselves, because I think if they don't end up on Optic's side of the bracket they've got a good shot to qualify.
  10. They weren't playing great, honestly. Even they said they were playing average. They almost ended early because they didn't think they were improving at all.
  11. The last time we discussed this glitch I thought we came to a consensus that the burn system from H3 should have been the way 343 went, as both the animation and the glitch are terrible systems.
  12. Genuinely curious since I never watch CoD, how different are the settings from pubs? The argumentsame we've had in here tend to revolve around retaining or changing pub settings for comp, so I'm curious as to how CoD handles it.
  13. Requesting a name change to Shady Crady. Please and thank you
  14. Doesn't Formal know that the most important scrim is happening tonight? How inconsiderate of him. Also it is so funny listening to Snipedown whisper callouts. It makes it seem like every play he makes is sneaky
  15. Just another giveaway for me to lose, but hell yeah dude. That's fucking awesome of you dude.
  16. Did anyone just see Roy clutch and not die falling from Top Rail? Edit: Carry number 2 by the Brown twins tonight lol Lunchbox is having a great time lately playing lately. Definitely a positive effect on the team chemistry.
  17. That's usually the mods trying to keep the chat civil. Edit: this also responds to Charles. It hardly ever is Ninja that puts it in sub mode. Im very critical of Tyler, but that's not really on him.
  18. Honestly, EG had game 1, but Roy and somebody else told Eric to toss the flag up into the base when he was going to run it bottom base, and he just choked on the flag throw. Also what the heck is up with RNG telling EG not to glitch OS and then Penguin did it twice in one game. Edit: Apparently Penguin forgot about that. Kinda shitty, since EG didn't do it out of respect.
  19. Suspector with 27 kills in Rig strongholds when nobody else broke 20. Damn, EG came to play.
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