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  1. Truth TS is for sure not a game type anymore. Why, I don't know, but it's not. Maybe because it's got such an even win percentage between red and blue, but if that's the reason why wouldn't they also remove Eden TS? The world may never know
  2. Some say the game still hasn't ended, and that CLG is perpetually trying to perfect the todem pole strat before the next worlds.
  3. Honestly, @@GoldenboyFTW mostly leaving is worse than the GOAT retiring. The GOAT chose to retire because he didnt want to deal with rostermania and he didn't particularly enjoy the game. We as a community pushed Goldenboy away. I'm glad that he's got a lot of opportunities with Over watch and the new projects at Twitch because I want the man to be successful, but it just really sucks to know that we heavily contributed to him leaving. Good luck Alex, I wish you the best.
  4. I mean, he was on one of the very top AM teams, but that's about where he's at skillwise in this game. A top AM for sure, not quite a pro.
  5. In fact, in response to @@LethuL's triggering response, all teams now are the winners of Pro League with the sole exception of CLG, who are immediately relegated for Reality Check.
  6. Do you really think that it didn't play a role? At the very least, it made it easier to leave, because most people would walk away from a community that is seemingly rejecting them. Now, I know it was just a vocal few who criticized him, but the support of those few really was a shit thing for this community to do. I mean, Golden boy stuck with us through our MCC shitfest, but the community tries to kick him out when things start looking good? We as a community (not you or anyone specifically, Audley, just the community as a whole) fucked up.
  7. Goldenboy looks better when he's in a suit, behind the booth, and casting Halo. Seriously though, I hope he returns to keep casting Halo, the constant criticism of him better not have run him off. We've already lost Puckett and Ghandi, we can't lose Goldenboy as well.
  8. I think with the EU Pro League and it's potential (especially with HWC 2017 on the horizon), we may see some big euro orgs suck it up and pick up some existing teams. Not saying Fnatic will, but if they wanted in on the Halo money, they don't have a whole hell of a lot of Scandinavians to choose from. Some orgs might just have to compromise.
  9. I 100% do not want a separate thread for Challenger League. First off, this thread already gets stale really quickly and taking away actual topics of discussion would hurt it a lot. Secondly, it would really hurt the casual Challenger league fans here, because most of us don't care to browse anything but this thread and maybe check on a few others occasionally. It'd really cut coverage for them by the community a lot.
  10. Heads up y'all, first GOAT sighting since retirement! Twitch.tv/ogre2 Dan it, missed it by a sec.
  11. Let's not pretend like nearly every pro has a big ego. I mean, look at @@Cratos, he thinks he's hot shit or something. Like, cmon Carlos, when was the last time you won an event? Edited with a more fair example.
  12. You learn to live with it honestly lol It becomes habit to wait a second before clicking on here. Also I would have loved to see a second series between Liquid and Optic yesterday. I know everyone was probably tired, but Optic was playing immensely better by the end of the tourney than the winners semis. Definitely could've been a different series the second go around.
  13. Damn, getting called a complete and utter failure by @@LethuL and Che publicly calling you toxic in 24 hours. Rough day for @@Cratos
  14. Spectator mode suffering from a concussion confirmed??? (I'm just joking pls don't kill me I know they're very serious)
  15. I definitely do not see Elevate winning this Coli Flag. Spartan is a beast on this game type.
  16. This Optic team (the way they play when they're on fire) reminds me of the Carbon roster in 09 that made it to 2nd. And hey, that's all they've gotta do today.
  17. Shoutout to Bravo and Strongside, they really listened to the community's criticism and are on their game today. They also listened to us and are using the y-camera to watch flag runs.
  18. Ace getting his ankles broken is equivalent to Krillin dying. It has to happen for the team to succeed.
  19. Genuinely think that this semifinal will be easier than the quarterfinal for Optic. Clown Fiesta hasn't performed consistently at all, and especially not against established teams. Plus if Eden TS is in the series it's a guaranteed win for Optic since I've never seen Hysteria go less than -10 in the game type. Also shoutout to FTM and Cpt Anarchy. Definitely proving he's still good competition.
  20. Strongly disagree, Stasis plays much better than any dlc map and actually is pretty good. Fathom assault was pure aids after they moved the bomb zones closer to engine. It's been awful ever since, and it wasn't good to begin with.
  21. Is this the first time we've seen assault in a pro scrim? This should be interesting
  22. It's only 6-3, CLG can still pull it out. I think there's quite a few more maps.
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