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  1. Honestly 2016 is just the year of god squads. Who knows what's gonna happen when football starts up, we'll probably see someone go undefeated or some shit.
  2. I mean, Snipedown also has had success in the same amount of time. Arguably more so, as he's leading all current players in total number of LAN wins.
  3. It would just exacerbate the auto problem. Right now, you can outshoot an auto with a precision weapon if you hit every shot. With a damage boost, the AR would melt you before you could five the guy.
  4. We really should hold off on making accusations of @@Cratos here, especially when we wouldn't accuse any of the fan favorites of the action. We don't know, we'll never know, this is the downside to no streams. Maybe we could figure out a way for the pros to send a direct video link from their pov to 343, but that's unlikely so we'll probably just have to deal with this regarding lagouts. On another note, I have defended bot Cratos and Suddoth2 in the past few days. I need a bath, and maybe some electroshock therapy to forget.
  5. Really feels like you can never go negative overall in a tournament on an Am team without getting dropped these days. Anarchy was the only reason they competed with Optic during their series.
  6. Even if it was a bit sarcastic, I have to admit that you really were making a mountain out of a molehill. Now that doesn't excuse Elamite if he was being sarcastic because he should know better than to come on the forums to berate people for making what they see as valid criticism.
  7. How do we know that @@Elamite was being sarcastic, guys? I understand you could read it that way, but just assuming it makes everyone here kind of look immature in angrily responding to something that easily could've been Elamite legitimately describing why they made the mistakes they made, not excusing their mistakes. Let's wait until @@Elamite posts again to clarify before crucifying the man. He's not Cratos ffs, he's usually a pretty likeable guy.
  8. Accidental upvote? I guess I'll let you have it. I disagree though, it's pretty clear that some unfortunately timed events happened with Suspector graduating and going on a senior trip. The whole team has proven they are willing to grind, and the team house will improve everything.
  9. Idk about you guys, but I could always go for some more "THIS. IS. HALOOOOOOOOO" in my life. But for real though, Simms has put in so much work, it's incredible. Same with Goldenboy, although I thought he was good to begin with.
  10. Wait is there like a separate chat room just for beyond members? Invite ncrazy235 on twitch plz
  11. There go my fantasy points I'm sure. Rip HukuDubu teams (unless the losses aren't taken into account like they weren't for the preview tournament).
  12. Honestly kinda feels like you're berating him just because he's a Suddoth. He raises some valid points. If T2 had said this, you probably wouldn't have made this post. Just calling it like I see it Also, gotta say, making any aspiring Am play all day for all 3 days of the weekend is pretty ridiculous. The format automatically cuts out anybody who wants to compete but works on the weekend (or Friday even). The top challenger teams are gonna end up being comprised of more 13 year olds who just have less responsibilities than the actual players who deserve it. (I know that statement is hyperbolic, pls don't kill me on it because it's not the crux of my argument)
  13. Your win percentage stats were really great to hear, very reminiscent of Dmac and Faruq when they discussed the stats back in the day. One thing I noticed (didn't watch the whole event, just was able to catch the X-men slaughter) was that you brought up overall win percentage for teams but didn't talk about the win percentage of a team against the team they're about to play. Sorry if that was all jumbled and poorly worded. Basically was trying to say that another thing you could incorporate down the road (especially as teams play each other more often in scrims and matches) is showing the difference in total win percentage of a certain gametype/map versus the win percentage against their particular opponent on that map/gametype.
  14. I really don't think they'll make an H3A. If anything they'll give us a H3 map pack like they did for Reach with HCEA. I think we'll H5 for at least two more years, maybe ending in or just before 2019.
  15. @@Moses_FPS Can we get some EU options for the Fantasy League? Or maybe a selection to make a EU focused league?
  16. I definitely see CLG vetoing Empire, the less randomness they face the more likely they are to win. Just like Regret TS, Empire SH can be won by one team getting lucky once or twice and just running away with the entire game.
  17. #EverythingIsHamysFault #LifeisHam #BetterwithOla #HamyWasAnInsideJob
  18. How did all these teams beat me when most of them were halfway comprised of teams that were first rounded Edit: Roy and Ryanoob brought me down, I see now. Strange how Roy has less points than most of these players but went further than a lot of them. Personally I think the further you get in an event should increase your points by some magnifier. Or maybe a negative multiplier for losing a series? Idk, maybe there's one already and Stellur was just absolutely nuts even though he only played 5 games and lost 3 of them.
  19. Have they tried anyone else yet? It seems pretty clear at this point. Unless they shock us all and bring the goat out of retirement. I mean, he wouldn't have to stop playing H:CE full time because his team wouldn't grind anyway.
  20. I'm also frustrated by their lack of practice and how bad this series went tonight, but we'really all ignoring that EG beat both Liquid and Elevate after a whole week of not practicing. This team has no worries of missing top 4. Hell, Suspector hadn't even played the new settings when they played Liquid! They had to explain what was different on every map to him before each game. EG's raw potential will carry them to top 4, and they'll likely kick up the practice after the weekend with their new team house. With practice, EG is the clear #2 and could possibly take a few series from CLG.
  21. I think what everyone is missing right now is the fact that CLG has lost more games recently than ever. If 2-3 plays go RNG's way rather than CLG, they win that series (The clutch reset by CLG on Pit in Empire SH at the 97-87ish mark, the Stasis flag which was very close, and some others I can't recall). That series was way closer than 4-2 makes it seem. Plus that 7-6 win against E6 was very unimpressive. While I'm not putting CLG below anybody right now, they are starting to have some issues. If EG, with only 2 series of practice in over a week and a half, makes this next series a close one, I'd make the prediction that CLG doesn't win every event from here on out.
  22. RNG just has this tension that's pretty nonexistent outside of AM-level teams (at least from my knowledge). I'm not sure they could play MM without getting frustrated like Optic, CLG, and EG can. It certainly speaks to team chemistry which is important, especially on a Ninja team. Edit: I noted EG, CLG, and Optic because they're teams that I've noticed have great chemistry with each other. They all seem to enjoy playing together. Haven't watched much of the other Top 8 teams outside of scrims, so I can't speak to them.
  23. Apparently he's taking a break from Halo. Sad to see, really. He was a great guy, didn't mind we made jokes because I think he knew we all respected him.
  24. Remember how stale H2A was to watch after just one season? Well even that had like 10 gametypes, even if it only had 3 maps. Also I will never understand the reason people want slayer in the pro rotation. Do people not like watching it? Do you think it's not competitive? Genuinely curious. I think it's an essential gametype, as it's really the basis of Halo, and it's also still quite competitive. I don't really think every gametype has to have an objective, especially for it to be fun to watch. Now, how slayer is handled in this game is a different story and debate, which should be saved for the settings thread. But I think if it's handled right it should be in every competitive Halo.
  25. One of the strangest decisions by far. Why not just move the newly-buffed caster to inside? I will never understand 343
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