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  1. Slayer is only more snowbally in H5 because they increased the respawn time and because the immense amount of power weapons on map puts spawners at a massive disadvantage, more so than other Halos. Players have more time to collapse on spawns and more weapons to spawn kill with. Fix those parts, way less snowballs.
  2. And we as a community appreciate all the effort you guys have put in. EU finals is definitely one of the best events to date in H5. You guys should feel proud, and please keep up the fabulous work. Also get us a clip of that double ground pound by Jimbo if you can, that would be tasty.
  3. "Lethul plays 1. A4. I think it's safe to say this isn't Optic's gametype." Also in response to the guy above me (multi quote isn't working for me on mobile), you just described pulse grenades from H4.
  4. Don't 343 have smaller dev kits that they send out when other tournament organizers need them while keeping the major ones with their most up to date kit for themselves and the major LANs? Seems like everytime players go to Burbank and Leicester the builds are better than these smaller tournaments like Vegas.
  5. Yeah, doesn't seem to do anything though. I've tried redownloading the zip and reextracting, but it leaves me in the same place. No clue what's going wrong.
  6. Man, I really wish I could get that to work on my pc. Just never opens past the launcher :/ Nobody plays H5 on pc, so I never get any Halo anymore.
  7. I said it when Pro League was announced, Pro League has been a mistake through and through. It hasn't helped viewership, in fact it seems to have hurt viewership especially in the EU. LANs are really all people care about, and while the concept was an alright idea for CSGO and other really big esports, even there the viewership is weak and it hasn't done much to help the scenes except make more money for Devs and ESL. Pro League was the worst call Halo could have made for a barely reemerging scene. The only real brightsides I can see that pro league brought were casting improvements and the storyline of Stellur sending Cratos to relegation where he belongs.
  8. I just wanna put out my opinion on spamming links from late night halo streams, pleeeeeeease keep doing it. I hate having a full time job and being unable to watch streams anymore because of it. It's the only thing that let's me stay invested in these pros.
  9. I would pay good money to see a Papa Mike versus Papa Spartan 1v1!
  10. Embarrassing that blizzard can implement party up but 343 hasn't had it in any of their games. FeelsBadMan
  11. Super crazy to see somebody I went to high school with (Scionizzle) in a Halo event on stream. Sure he fell to Scion, but he's been only moving further up in the scene and it's really cool to see. Still remember him shitting on me in H3. Also I'm super behind, just finished watching Saturday's matches. Really shitty to see that server crash with 3sup and 6S, glad it didn't screw 3s. That should never happen in a live event, ESPECIALLY when it's a private server.
  12. Any ideas who EG should use against Luminosity this week? It'd be cool to see the GOAT, he still grinds H5 and still looks damn good, so I don't see why not. Other options? Rammy of course, Ryanoob, maybe the great Suddoth 2? What would yall do? MY vote is GOAT
  13. Suspector acting like it's Worlds all over again. The carry is so real
  14. In the year 20009, 343 finally pushed out a patch, completely fixing MCC. In the patch notes Bravo''s long-dead spirit said, "Hey guys, we just pushed a new patch for MCC. I know it took a little while, but we just really wanted to get this one right. We also pushed some balance changes into a few gametypes throughout the game, adding binary rifles to Blood Gulch and The Pit, actual ghosts on Lockout, and increasing the number of time's you'll be forced to play Snowbound AR starts. We also removed Sanctuary from the H2A map pool, as we felt there were too many maps as it stood. Have fun! -B" Two weeks later, the xbox one was retired for the xbox OneS, where they rereleased MCC "exactly as it shipped [18000] years ago" and haven't said a word since. Same old 343.
  15. They should never have made a change. Going 0-2 in a week sucks bit it doesn't mean you need to make a roster change. They performed great before that week, with only a questionable loss against nV. Rash decisions were made.
  16. Gotta say, this thread is wayyy more enjoyable to read when everybody's not being assholes to one another. Also nice shots @@Royal2, that was impressive. Would've been better if the first had been a perfect too
  17. Oh boy, just finished catching up over 100 pages, what a weekend. I'd like to first and foremost thank @@Phade for being so transparent and passionate. It should have been clear that you merely misspoke when you said Halo was dying, TB can be a bit over responsive to that language and totally fixated on that rather than the point of your post. Props to you for both doing your best for such a small turnout and also fixing all the issues from Saturday and making Sunday a joy to watch. My main point in making this post was to discuss the @@Tsquared comments and reaction from the community. T2 said a lot of things that were reasonable and then made a few jabs at TB for being a bit overly negative and hostile at times. While not untrue, they were unnecessary remarks at this point and did nothing to further Halo. These remarks were very similar to @@Phade's poor word usage, and were totally vilified instead of ignored and forgiven. If anything, the reaction should have been similar to the admin''s criticisms of Phade''s word choice, and left at that. The community's reaction however to these comments was pretty indicative that what he said was at least partially true. People began being very hostile to Tom, saying that he needs to remember that the community is responsible for his job casting and that he was purely "drinking the koolaid" and forgetting his roots as a fan and competitor. This is an incredibly disrespectful line of thought and completely and unfairly discredits Tom of all his hard work as both a player and a content creator/caster. Tom has proven that he will work as much as it takes to further increase the quality of the halo scene. When he was a competitor, he offered criticisms in a professional manner via his YouTube channell trying to improve the AM (BTW Tom if you're reading this, please just am instead of A-M pls) scene with roster locks and better organization. As a content creator he put in hours of his time to make videos and to cast the open online events, either solo or with Ryanoob (another guy who never gets enough credit). His casting helped make the AM scene much more accessible AND showed how good casting could be which is WHY the community pushed hard for him to cast pro league. He got his job because he deserved it, not because we wanted him to have it. It's an important distinction to make, and one I feel he deserves to have put forward regardless of how rude his statements were. We can disagree with him for what he's said, we can call him an ass, we can hate him for his personality or his opinions. But in my opinion it's just wrong to invalidate someone's hard work and success because you don't like them or what they say. Unless it's Cratos because fuck that guy
  18. Twitch username: ShadyCrady Made a new account because I rebranded from ncrazy235, really wish Twitch would allow name changing since I had to lose my sub sprees. :/
  19. Honestly shockey that anyone could ever team with Lifestyle after what he pulled in the LCQ. Still a dirt bag in my book.
  20. So many feelings from this info. Rip to the EG I've loved since the start, but nV is now much more likely to beat CLG. Ninja the Dog is a questionable choice, I think it's been proven having two very strong personalities on a team has never worked for Ninja. EG with Contra/Dev is gonna either work great or terribly. And I'm assuming Optic got relegated, but I missed the relegation matches.
  21. Okay so I've been out of the loop for a long time. The last thing I watched before catching the season finals was CLG losing to E6, so I've been kind of dumb to anything going on in Halo. Anything noteworthy happen during the season? Also, if someone wants to fully catch me up on the prospective team changes going on, that'd be great. You can just PM if you don't wanna make a post, I appreciate it
  22. Know this is from yesterday but just wanted to chip in and say that my elite was great, but then last week I got on to play Overwatch and had hella thumbstick drift on my right thumbstick. M$ put the same thumbstick modules in the elite as they put in the reg controllers, so thumbstick drift is still very likely. A $150 controller with a 3 month warranty and shitty thumbsticks really pissed me off. Had to try and fix it myself, but the new thumbstick modules I put in still had the same problem, so not quite sure what's going honestly, but the fact that I can't get any help from Microsoft really makes me regret my purchase.
  23. I think he's only done one Overwatch event so far. Although there hasn't been a whole lot of Overwatch yet, since it just officially released.
  24. I think what he was referring to was the fact that APG is still under contract with Liquid, so technical just beat his own team. Walshy was dropped from FB, it wasn't still his team when he beat them.
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