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  1. Personally not surprised, the man has never settled for failure. Laser focused on that 2nd Dr. Pepper can
  2. Do people think that Flame is washed up? He consistently puts up numbers online and on LAN. Personally, I had questioned Maniac staying, but he reeeeeeally showed up on LAN, so they should both certainly stay. I don't see a whole lot of reason to keep Gary though, he really underperformed at regionals and isn't (imo) a great content producer.
  3. The old Bungie, though. The new one is just a shell with the same name.
  4. Are you really saying that having radar on in H5 is comparable to bloom in Reach? They're nowhere close in terms of competitive inviability.
  5. I'm not in favor or against it, but an argument can be made for power creep, for the viability of on map weapons, or just too fast of a TTK compared to every other weapon. If you change it to a 4SK, you'd likely have to adjust the speed of the shots to not make it a better weapon than most weapons on map.
  6. I find it quite interesting that everyone on Beyond is complaining about radar in this game when even some of the top pros have said that they've played with it on and off and they prefer it to be on due to the vast increase in maneuverability.
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