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  1. Personally I don't think Pick and Bans will be necessary with the implementation of Double Elimination. If a team gets a set of bad gametypes and loses a series, they'll have an opportunity to still make the finals. The fact is that having the Group Stages and also including a Loser's Bracket only adds a total of 6 series to the weekend. We only had one single series on CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY, the most important day of the event! We easily could have fit the Semi Finals, Winners Bracket Finals, Loser Bracket Semi+Finals, and the Grand Final all on Sunday, but instead we as a community and fans had to settle for watching one singular blowout match on what could have been the biggest day in Halo's history. As a fan, I am incredibly sad and disappointed. As a reasonable human being, I am perplexed at how such a huge event can be handled so poorly. (And as a player, I am fucking frustrated at radar+spartan charge. I would literally give my soul to 343 to take that stupid ability out of the game and just make it to where you can't melee while sprinting. Radar also is dumb, for real. But that's clearly neither here nor there, since you can't see it on your radar)
  2. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange that people care about that? Nobody cares if I only watch basketball when the Spurs are playing, but heaven forbid if people only watch Halo when Optic plays, or any team for that matter. Casual viewership and fans is a good thing. The more the better.
  3. Quite honestly, I can't tell if this is a quality shitpost or if its the worst I've ever seen. Either way, keep it up.
  4. He in hasn't gotten the love he deserves. The dude has made every team he played on better than when he gets dropped. He gets dropped way too often, so underappreciated. Edit: An hour later I just realized Heinz got corrected to He in. My bad yall
  5. Thing is, I don't think you can have Penguin without Rayne, and Im not sure you would want Penguin without Rayne. They're both incredible players, and I'd say Rayne is the Snakebite to Penguin's Royal 2.
  6. T2 just hit champion (maybe for the first time? Idk) Either way, glad to see his grind paying off. Hope he makes it onto a team for Challenger or something, he's been playing well from what I've watched.
  7. Lethul said that Naded is pretty much for sure on Optic, and he said that Penguin is on TL.
  8. They benefit for completely different reasons, which I think is cool. 2gre improves because he has a much better mental game than most people, he's been playing for so long he lives and breathes Halo. Ninja improves because he's a hyperagressive player, so the lack of radar allows him to make kickass flanks and really catch people off guard. We'll really see Ninja shine if radar is removed, I think. This game is so fast and allows for such movement that Ninja will out 1v1 anyone in the game.
  9. Jesus, openly bragging about rep boosting... what kind of idiot are you?
  10. It's pretty clear everyone is sleeping on Rayne. There's a reason that Penguin performs well, and it's because he's got his buddy Rayne to back him up. They feed off each other, and both put up big stats. Those two really carried Elevate imo.
  11. Why do you think Spartan is better than Suspector? Spartan plays very similar to Commonly, I don't see how they would have performed any better with Sparty than Hamy.
  12. I personally disagree. Flame has consistently put up numbers while making selfless plays in H5, and if Optic had actually had high tier teammates (no offense to Gary or Chaser, they played as well as you could hope for) they would have easily made Worlds over TP/C9. I'm honestly surprised at how many people tell Flame to coach when he's performed arguably better than 2gre and Ola have.
  13. Lxthul somehow is the one person that becomes better as a person for winning hella money
  14. Wouldn't be a new thread without TRAAAP bringing the same old drama from the old thread Edit: sorry for double post, on mobile so I couldn't include this quote/response in my last post
  15. Thus bringing up the question of who will be your trap queen?
  16. Just depends on the size of our next tourney. If we get 2 regular 2.5mil LANs a year, plus some minor LANS throughout, we'll likely be more consistent. I believe Halo has more micro purchasing potential, since it's an older player base with more disposable income. 13 year olds are going to be difficult to get money from because they don't have their own credit cards and such.
  17. And if any of you find me, I expect the bags and trashtalking, but I hope each and everyone of you is prepared for me to tilt so damn hard after that. I'll be dropping breadsticks like Cratos.
  18. What 343 should do is make like one or two members available for rent by local events. They rent the server and special Halo 5s + the employee who knows how to run the server, that way they don't give away any special secrets and stuff. Only way I can think of making it profitable and safe for 343, and if they weren't unreasonable on price we could see some minor LANs spring up.
  19. Even when he has like half his viewers we get a massive boost, so Im appreciative.
  20. Well if Summit keeps streaming and promoting Halo, we may see stream numbers increase. Having Halo near the top of Twitch when he streams is really good, and hopefully it can have some lasting effects.
  21. Lunchbox is confirmed to not be retiring, guys. We need like a sticky or something in the side with that, I swear. I believe EG made the right pick up (not 1000% sure yet but close), but that's because there was only one opening in the team. Had we seen Lunch retire, they needed a duo and would've gone with Raynguin, but Suspector is *probably* the best solo player out there thats not on CLG.
  22. While I agree that just changing one player may not solve the problem, let's wait until they start scrimming together to see if it works.
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