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  1. Speaking of Carbon, I just had the most random encounter with a guy at work. I was telling him how I've been having some wrist issues from gaming too much (pc mostly nowadays) and he was like, "Oh, I had a friend who was like a pro gamer. He played Halo 2 a lot." And I was skeptical because everybody played Halo 2 and it was probably just some nobody. But then he's like, "Yeah he doesn't play anymore but he does a lot of commentating and stuff. His name's Scott Lussier." I was in shock because what are the odds that some guy in Texas would be friends with fucking Gandhi. Thats basically the whole story but it literally just happened and I'm still amazed at the odds of it happening. Thought I'd share with the class.
  2. I've been MIA for a few weeks (been focusing on competing in am leagues for Overwatch and grinding my way into Masters) but I came in here after realizing I may have missed the news on Worlds and it's location. I remember being so excited for Worlds 2016 and saying to myself, "I'm saving money from this very second to go to 2017''s event." I have saved over $1000 while only making $20k (and paying $1k rent, what do you guys pay? ) in anticipation of going to an event this year. In January I was hopeful to go to Worlds but was okay with maybe just going to a Dreamhack instead if the location wasn't announced soon enough. Having caught up to the Worlds announcement, I feel hesitant to even go to Dreamhack for Halo. I'm not sure I can continue supporting a developer who has done everything to spite it's own fans. I grew up with this game and I'm hoping this Worlds proves me wrong even if it's stuck in the back of an ex-Jiffylube with a 100 people. The one thing that has kept me a fan of Halo through the thick of all this garbage has been the actual matches. I may scrap the dream of going to a Halo event and getting the late-2000s MLG experience but if NV and Optic and Liquid keep putting on a show I may still stick around.
  3. Goes down 15-3 with no map positioning. Flips a switch then hits back to back killing frenzies. Is Royal 2 even human? I swear the dude is a robot programmed into a human brain. Also fuck cratos and showtime and their team for being okay with their actions
  4. Used to work that shift, damn I miss it. Now it's 9-6 M-F and 9-2 on Sat. Add in a 40 minute commute both ways and I've got like 2 hours a night of free time. Being an adult sucks and I'm only 20.
  5. Ogre 2, Tapping Buttons, Articc, and Kaotic was the team, for those wondering who the GOAT was scrimming with. He's also been playing with our own @@Yiws in MM recently, not sure if that was or is a possible option as well.
  6. I can't wait til I have the kind of money to go to a worlds event. I'm stugging to even make it to a Halo event though. Rip the dream lol Yeah, I'll add you and we can play Normal Queue or something. I'll go mid Aurelius and act like I'm good! IGN should be ShadyCrady like on here. Haven't been on since before the new patch though. Hope shit hasnt changed too much. In response to Mjhunter, there's way more counterparts to a flag toss than a gp and that's the problem. Right now there's no way to stop the cap unless you stop it before they get to their sneaky or you manage to pull the flag. You could bait a flag that got tossed onto the flag stand though. Right now the solution is run in and try to pull the flag bottom mid because you know there's no way to get a return.
  7. Man, I have such a hard time grinding the game that I haven't even been able to play ranked yet. It's really difficult going from fps to moba after only playing games in first person your whole life. Doesn't stop me from watching the game though. Worlds was amazing. Have a really hard time watching tournaments from before the rift update though. Not sure how anybody could watch or play with those graphics.
  8. Isn't it pretty much a given that @@RyaNoob would be the best to comment on the skill gap between Halo and League? He's a pro at Halo and I believe he was mid-high diamond in LoL from what I heard. Would love to hear his input, although I think everyone knows he's gonna agree that LoL has more of a skill gap. Also Faker is a literal God. Dude could easily go to DotA and wreck if he wanted, he'd just need a year or so probably. Why he would though when his contract for League has to be in the millions of dollars, plus prize money. In regards to the movement mechanics, we can talk about how autostabilize and GP helped improve movement but they were never designed for that. And GP has made Truth CTF such a bore to watch. It should be disabled for the flag runner tbh.
  9. They were heading straight to the bottom of the podium, which is a nice consolation prize but no competitor plays for 3rd. It's clear Spartan is a great player but being a great player isn't enough if you have flaws elsewhere. Name 1 player on NV or Optic who is an emotional/tilt player. Snipedown could be argued in the past, but this past tournament shows that he has a lot of resolve. If you're going to beat Optic or nV reliably, you have to be able to play to your full potential every day, every game. Sure, you'll have bad games (Snipedown dropped a breadstick lul) but you need to be able to play at the top of your game at least 90% of the time. This is why we see great players who can absolutely be beasts at any given moment but they never win the tournaments. How many event win's does Ninja have? 2 in H4. Naded? 0. Spartan (although he's new I'll give him that)? The list goes on with players like these. Consistency is key. Really like this new St8 Geniuses squad on Paper, but I wish RoyBox had better prospects. Much like Contra/Dev though, it's easy to see why players don't wanna team with those that have a hard time committing to playing online often.
  10. There has to be like at least a full 1 shot cushion though, not one shot. You shouldn't be forced to hit every single shot without fail against the starting auto weapon.
  11. Just use the ignore feature fam, he's not gonna stop anytime soon. Good luck with the app. Glad to hear you got funded so quick!
  12. Agreed, autos add nothing unique to the sandbox except spray and pray. I mean look at Overwatch's current meta of you want another example of an auto outclassing precision weaponry and it being unfun and uncompetitive. Soldier 76 did less dps (16 per shot, 25 in mag) than McCree (70 per shot, 6 in mag) did, but he offered utility which made him a viable pick in tournament play. He also had no spread for three-four shots, which then got much wilder the longer you bursted. He was played less than McCree, but was still picked some. Then, Blizzard needed him due to concern's of people finding a macro to allow them to "burst" at such pinpoint intervals that you would never see a decrease in dps or an increase in spread. He was never picked after that, and Blizzard decided to buff him to where they thought he was before without allowing for the macro. They increased his dps (20 dmg/shot, up from 16) and made it to where he could spray 4 shots but the reset for the recoil took longer. Now, he still has less dps than McCree, but only slightly. But the fact that he can reliably adjust his aim and continue a sustained dps contrary to McCree's hit or miss makes him the only viable pick now. You're literally at a major disadvantage if you go McCree over Soldier, even with a godly McCree. Because even when you're a godly McCree, a Soldier wins more often than not. I know theyre completely different games, but concept is the same. Autos are more reliable than precision weapons in a skilled person's hands, and if they even do a similar amount of damage they will be picked over precision weapons way more often than they should in a competitive game. It's just like AoE attacks or point+click abilities versus Skillshots in MOBAs. They're more reliable because it's much harder to miss, and at the peak level of gameplay, the key to victory is consistency. All the players at the top can make amazing plays, but whoever can do the most the most consistently will win. Tl;Dr: I bring up unrelated genres of games to argue whether autos in Halo are competitive. Spoiler: they aren't.
  13. The GOAT and Lunchbox teaming with some young guns? Talent scouting, perhaps? With the Roy+Naded and company, are we seeing the split of the Brown twins? Or is it just a pickup squad? The world may never know.
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