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  1. InControl Gaming (@InControlHQ) is a fast growing esports organization with currently 1 COD team competing at events and possibly a second on the way. InC has multiple top streamers, sponsors, and designers helping InC grow even faster.


    InControl is looking to either start or pick up a Halo team to compete in online tournaments throughout the rest of the year and attend events during the fall. Whether you're a Team looking for an Org to represent you or a F/A you must have:

    - Time to dedicate to practice (Scrims, tournaments, etc.)

    - Skype for communication

    - Reliable connection

    - Constant communication both in and outside of game

    - Social Media presence preferably Twitter


    Any other questions post below or DM me on Twitter (@InCSplit)

  2. I'd like to be understanding and accept that it probably would have required a good amount of extra time and work to implement a system like this into the game but after seeing that video it's hard for me to not be angry we don't have theater capability for Campaign or Spartan Ops. Now, I'm not saying that it would be easy I'm just saying I'm disappointed that Halo 4 lacks theater mode in Campaign and Spartan Ops. Especially when a feature like this was in Halo: Reach. It's like buying a new product and they don't have a commonly used feature that was included in the last one. Just disappointing, but it won't stop me from playing Halo 4 I love the series and the game regardless of its flaws I just wish more time could have been put into Halo 4 and maybe just maybe the community would be a bit larger and wouldn't complain about 343i so much.

  3. I'm from upstate (Rochester/Syracuse) so I don't know about lanning or where exactly in NY you are but add me at... REW Rewind

    I'm from Buffalo, NY and I play Halo with maybe one or two other people around here. Let's get something going. I'll add you later today.

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  4. Pretty much what other's have already said before. It's a playlist now full of really competitive players so even if you were interested in playing competitively and you chose to play Throwdown most likely you'll get wrecked and just give up on the playlist almost instantly. I would rather play customs over Throwdown anytime.

  5. Hey there Forum,

    I'm Splitter a new member here on the Forums. I've been playing Halo since the beginning and I will until the end. It's a series I've always enjoyed playing and a community that Is better than any other video game community out there in my opinion. I got into playing Halo Competitively during the beginning of Halo: Reach which I know is a little late for some but for me it made playing Halo so much more fun. Over a year ago I enlisted with The Dropshock Brigade a competitive Halo clan and ever since then I've been playing custom 4v4s and competitive matchmaking playlists. I'm looking to better myself as a player so I'm always looking for a good custom game or just ways I can help improve my game.

    Unfortunately, due to college classes, work, and other responsibilities I have been off my competitive game but I look to return to it and see just how good I can get. Besides Halo I am a Graphic Designer and have experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and some Dreamweaver. So, if you're an artist yourself I am always up for some Design discussions. But that's really everything about myself if you want to play some Halo send a friend request to DSB Splitter or if you're looking for a competitive community check out The Dropshock Brigade.  http://dropshock.net/news.php



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