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  1. Has Royal 2 made a public statement about the incident last night with Contra?
  2. I think each part of the world should have representatives at the regionals, then go from there. Worse teams getting more money because they live in an easier part of the world while diluting worlds of the actual best teams in the world doesn't really sound too good to me. It's awesome that other parts of the world want to compete and can compete, but it shouldn't come at the expense of the main playerbase. There might be good teams in the rest of the world that can win, I don't know yet. But teams shouldn't go to worlds over other teams because of where they live at. I think spectators getting the absolute best competition is more important than the nonexistent fanbase in other countries. In a perfect world, that's what I would want to see. Not saying the setup is bad right now, but I think it could be better. 16th-9th place get 25k. Some teams are going to get that money with a significantly easier path than other teams.
  3. If you go to orange tree house on Riptide, there are 2 plasma nades. If you go up into the sneaky and look down at fuel rod and throw a Plasma nade behind it against the wall, you can nade it up to the sneaky without moving. Extremely large margin of error on the nade placement, just get it behind the fuel rod and in line with you. Throw it at 3 seconds left on the timer too.
  4. H2A bracket was perfect. Not a fan of single elimination pool play. I know professional sports isn't always fair, but I think we have the power to do it better with video games. To think the seeds are 100% accurate going to regionals just isn't true. Also, the rest of the world should qualify to come here to play in regionals. Worse teams shouldn't be getting easier money and further along because they live in easier parts of the world. 8 teams elsewhere are making it to worlds while only 8 teams here are. While that's fair numbers, 8 teams are getting a way better shot at making worlds than 20+ teams here. I'm sure people here would be happy if 343 took 100k out of the prize pool to fiance people coming here.
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