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  1. Naded is the only one from the former Alg squad to not make it in yet. interesting.
  2. How many spaces are left in the Pro league? So many teams i want in like heinz's team, 2gres team, clouds team, tsquared team. But i dont see that happening when optic and liquid are also competing...
  3. I think Competitive Multi-team would be a nice semi-competitive side tournament. It would have a flavor of FFA and team games. Im thinking teams of 2. Maybe even some OBJ in it.
  4. So I know a glitch that Ive never seen anyone do. Probably bigger than that super slide that got patched. Leak or nah? xd
  5. Ummm does no one else know how to move (near) full speed in this game without showing up on radar? testing currently in forge on actual speed. edit: its at like 95% of the speed
  6. Ive been doing extremely well in solo team slayer, onyx 1700. Also what distance are you being perfected at? At long distance short strafes may not even move you our of their reticule, neither will crouching.
  7. I would like to point out that i called denial for top 4 before saturday. Never expected them to take games from clg though. Also Im kinda late but it never hurt me so much to see a team lose as when Envyus did.... Ogre 2 mikwen ola and arkanum have always been personal favorites of mine. To have EG and Denial as their two matches was terrible luck... Damn. edit: how much did denial win btw?
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