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  1. Literally haven't been around in years, but I had to drop in post Reach to get up to speed on where everyone is at. Largely gaming on PC these days, put stupid hours into Ring Of Elysium because it's waaay more forgiving to my old ass than PUBG who has no time to super sweat, and my girl loves it and when you find a game you can play together, you stick with it. That said, MCC on PC has transitioned almost my entire PC gaming group over, and despite it being solidly in last position on my personal Halo ranking list, I have been enjoying it. ish. We tend to have full groups of 6-8 and have been rolling BTB most nights, and despite the fact that most objective based matches turn into stalemates, it's some of the greatest "I worked all day, the baby just went to bed, I need mindless entertainment" Halo I think I've ever played. However, I go back and forth on standard 4v4s being playable, or actually being the lowest point in the series (fuck you I played thousands of hours of H4 and enjoyed it). Here's my short list: Bloom is the deadest of dead horses, next. Shield recharge time. I timed this in big team the other day. Naded myself, and started a timer, and it took 8.7 seconds until I was full recharge. You straight up can't start fights again until you're fully recharged in Reach. I also find myself stepping out before shields I recharged way too often, like the recharge sound isn't loud enough, or the shield UI is too subtle, which leads to... Reach's aesthetics are pinnacle form over function. I've tried monitor contrast, I've tried brightness to the point of headaches, everything is a muddy mess in this game I hate starts fighting because I couldn't see a shadowed, gray blue character against a shadowed gray background The cooldown animation for nades before you can start shooting again is boring slow. It's like mechanic in this game was meant to slow you down and join the cult of T E A M S H O T Why does the sniper feel like shit? Is the zoom sens vs open sens ratio different from other installments in the series? Mouse has the ability to set both separately, why not controller? Also, is there actual latency on the shot? It's like you have to lead, but not because the time it takes the bullet to travel, but the time it takes the bullet to leave the barrel. It's so unsatisfying to use. Show me percentage at the end of the game of time people used controller vs M+KB in the match. For my own sake, I need to know. Most people have been cool about saying they are. I think I'm beginning to really be able to peg m+kb players. 1. Their strafes look different, and 2. They don't miss noscopes, despite Reach feeling like one of the least forgiving noscopes in the series (at least vs 3,4,5 and MCC CE). That's it, enjoying it, can't wait for CE on PC
  2. CE has felt really janky overall, and I think out of ~10 games, I haven't had a single one finish normally, with 2v2 or 4v4 playing until the end. Someone usually quits, or goes AFK, and at the early ranks for the dubs playlist the skill gap as everything evens out is atrocious, but that can't really be avoided.
  3. Anyone else seen plasma nades not stick in CE? https://streamable.com/h4d19 Can't be arsed to go back and search.
  4. Prior to H2 releasing, a French copy of the game leaked online that we tried and failed to run on a soft-modded OG xbox. In honor of that, I wore a plain white tshirt, that I wrote the google translated French of that quote on for the actual H2 launch date in 10th grade. The cringe flows through me hard when picturing myself walking around school that day, explaining my shirt.
  5. My CE dubs partner and I have had similar discussions about CE around this concept before, whether the fact that it's actually (comparatively) difficult to setup quality games meant that the game had to grow and survive by the hand of people who were truly diehard about playing it. It means that your only opportunity to really play is against people who take it so seriously. Also, the fact that we don't have that many maps, and modding aside, basically zero ability to make adjustments meant that just like SSB:M, we're forced to play the game as it launched 15+ years ago, so the depth in the meta has always gone further in one direction, rather than what we see now with H5, weapon changes and little adjustments all over the place. As far as the thread topic, another buddy and I were discussing the other night what direction 343 will go in with H6, continuing with high mobility and in general "more shit", or back towards a more classic Halo. It's unlikely because of just how many damn weapons there are (and warzone variants don't help this at all), but removal of abilities aside, I really think one of the best things that could happen to the series is a drastic reduction in the weapon count. I would almost be willing to see dual wielding come back if we didn't have so many options, as I think there's some merit to less options upfront, with depth around how you combine those options (this is arguably a similar mechanic to how one chooses which two weapons they carry at any one time).
  6. The ranking on the oddball HCS playlist right now is absurd. Placed G6 on my main that I strictly play with teammates, and G2 on my alt that I play solo. It's so clearly a mix of people who've been gold since the game came out, and people who have never been in gold before, and the games play terribly because huge disparity in individual skill levels. Also, despite the fact that there's a marker on the guy who has the ball constantly, I'm 99% sure there are people who still don't realize that this a ball playlist, and not a "Get into bad 2v1s on the other side of the map" playlist.
  7. I was kind upset about the Oddball getting zero abilities where as assault had them all, plus a double thruster, but honestly, just by the nature of oddball being campy/setup oriented, it's probably a good thing the guy with the ball isn't too strong. I've had a few games with randos that were super difficult to actually break enemy setups. Once we finally did, a ball guy who could ground pound or thruster would have made it even worse.
  8. My build was from 2011, had a Phenom II X4 965 Black, was missing some of the instruction set required by H5:F. It was a solid bump up (http://cpuboss.com/cpus/AMD-Phenom-II-X4-965-vs-AMD-FX-8350), and like you said, cheap. It's got 16gb of ram and an R9 270X, so while by no means a beast, it'll be a stable machine for a little while yet.
  9. I constantly wrestle with turning my gaming rig into a dedicated linux box/server, it just doesn't get the use it deserves. I got an Elgato HD60 Pro for streaming last year, and upgraded to a FX8350 for H5:F, I really should use it more. My gaming time is so limited these days, there's tons of PC games I'd love to play, but I hate sucking at games and I don't have the time to get better at anything besides Halo, although that might be a bit of sunk cost fallacy.
  10. I think it feels better, could be headcasing. Been watching this page: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/halo-5-local-server-official-thread/d5596cbd-3b76-4d70-83d0-f1e804fac1db/posts They've been having issues deploying it.
  11. To your point here, think about grenades. We've all gotten pretty good at throwing them over the years, and there's no aim assist involved in that. Granted, you're talking about something that's got a bunch of buffer support built into it (bounces, blast radius, etc.), but it's not like when we're all running around the map without an enemy generating some magnetism that the reticle is spazzing around like crazy. I think some degree of aim assist is required online unless you're going to be super strict about grouping people by latency, and even then maybe you'd get away with geometry/hitbox position lag compensation alone. I'd be interested to play some older iterations of the series without aim assist. H5's aim is still just too off for me, I'm pretty sure trying to hit something without aim assist in 5 would really make me rage.
  12. I tried Splatoon, and while I was looking forward to playing with the Gyro controls, something about it felt suuuuper wrong. I think it was that rather than tilting the controller side to side to turn, you rotated it like you were turning a steering wheel, and my brain just could not compensate. I was also playing with the joycons, in tablet mode, on some beach house wifi, so I had everything else going against me as well. Has anyone played any PC FPS with the Steam controller? Its touch-pad-ish replacement for joysticks combined with gyro controls could probably make for some pretty precise non-kbm inputs. I remember during the H2 days some company prototyped a trackball controller that replaced the aim stick, and I was really hoping that was the direction we would move in. Here's a review on a trackball mod from the 360 days: http://trackballer.com/2010/12/23/hands-on-review-the-trackball-controller-for-xbox-360/
  13. This has been an issue that's gotten worse, not just for nades, since H3, but is definitely bad now. I don't know why I still do it, but everytime I run up a P-ramp on Truth, I jump and try and skip a nade off the floor on P2, and it just stops. Why would you do this? I know people get tired of hearing about CE, but the reason we constantly bring it up is because it did so many of these things right, and then it all got ruined. I never really appreciated the perfectly tuned friction between nades and surfaces, and the lack of complex geometry until I started wasting nades to nonsense in H5.
  14. I'm sorry cursed, I'm really not a confrontational person, but you yourself pulled the Occam's razor card, and to me this is the simplest explanation, and that's really the core of my argument. EDIT: THAT SAID, were still all just pissing guesses into the wind here, I wouldn't necessarily bet money on my opinion, so don't @ in 4 years when the exposé book is released and it turns out I was wrong.
  15. On the MCC side, we are talking about software that was originally written to run on older hardware, so I would hope that any changes made to run on the X wouldn't introduce issues in sub systems like input handling. As far as the discrepancy in handling input on console vs. PC, this is purely speculation, but since we're all guessing here, why would we see changes in the input handling implementation for the controller on PC, but poor mouse input handling. And if it wasn't something that the X was hardware limited on, why not try and role those changes back into the console version? Like I said, we're all just guessing here, I'm just throwing in my two cents. FWIW, I'm not completely talking out of my ass, I've been a professional "jack of all trades" developer for the last 7 years. My job is pretty evenly split between mobile, backend, and embedded programming. My only game dev experience is hobbiest level, but again, I'm just trying to come at this like any other piece of software I've worked with.
  16. I understand that the aiming definitely changed between beta and 1.0, but the point I and I believe others are trying to make is that H5:F feels better than playing on the console, and something has to be causing that. A difference in hardware just seems far more likely to me than modifications to input code on the PC, especially considering the poor state of mouse input, which feels like a total after kludge compared to other modern FPS.
  17. Granted, I understand everyone's skeptical in handing out their confidence in H5 things at this point, but I'm curious what you say that specifically. I'm still holding out hope that there was a performance bottleneck on the bone, or that the dynamic resolution system was the major cause of the disparity between the console and pc aim feel. Something is the root of the difference, and I'd honestly be surprised is there were vast engine implementation differences between console H5 and H5:F, so I'm leaning more on the hardware.
  18. From ske7ch on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/78vucx/343i_when_are_we_going_to_get_to_see_that_sweet/doywm33/?utm_content=permalink&utm_medium=front&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=halo Specifically: "Also, it plays awesome - many people have said they feel a difference in terms of responsiveness and "snappiness" on the X. If you were the type of astute hardcore player that felt "heavy aim" I'm very curious to hear if you can feel a difference when playing on the X. And those lightning fast load times... wow. (for some reason marketing doesn't consider that a selling point but I'm all in ;)"
  19. It's interesting, despite its faults, I really think Halo 4's Dispatch is one of the best examples of the huge octagon dual base maps. The outer second level tunnel system made it so matches didn't play predominantly through a middle/ring choke point like the Sanctuary/Shrines maps have, but it doesn't have a ton of easily controllable spawns on the first level like Derelict did (which is probably the most broken Halo map in terms of spawn control, despite the CE Magnum's prowess as a utility starter). The cover throughout the lower section was balanced with the high visibility but vertical advantage of the outside ring. Could be an unpopular opinion, but it was always one of my favorite flag matches, though in H4 fashion it tended to be 5v5. To your second point, again despite all its faults, H4s BR was easy enough to use that even if it didn't provide an interesting skill gap, it at least made H4 a game where you weren't constantly spawn trapped. There's definitely a balanced to be found in a utility that isn't dead simple to use, but has a skill potential/ceiling that makes it a spawn control buster. My buddies and I struggle with this concept in 4v4, as one of our teammates played a ton of squad battle in H3 and really thinks of himself as the "Objective Guy", and another is by far our strongest slayer and doesn't really make the deep flag pulls. I don't think you can have a single obj guy, but to your point, I don't think you want every person on the team hyper focused on objective. I think there's a gradient of team skills on the scale of [Obj-----Obj/Slayer----Slayer] and you want/need a team that's balanced. That said, there are times definitely times where a window of opportunity opens up, and the best thing for the main slayer to do is move the flag a bit more, or dive on a SH reset, or your guy who tends to be Obj focused needs to stop going for flag pulls and shoot more.
  20. Have we heard anything about FOV changes yet? I know a sliders been modded into H5:F, but afaik there's no official word. Would be great if we could take some of that 1X power and doing something a bit more useful than 4k or super sampled 1080p.
  21. I feel like instead of changing the concept of playlists with these checklist modifiers, just drop the multis (aka, the H3 or quit playlists), and replace them with more specific playlists for each game. I never ever want 2v2 CE to go away, but a 4v4 CE playlist would be sweet, or a BTB CE playlist. Can we just drop the song and dance and make this into the CE collection with all the playlists I want?
  22. I've wanted to post this for a while. My buddy Pukovsky lived together in college, and we were both way more into CE than 2 (which came out prior to college) or 3 (which released our sophomore year). We didn't really have others at school to play with, so we would just play a ton of split screen 1v1s every week. Rather than the "no screen peaking" nonsense, we were completely open about it, and it was encouraged, or really a necessity for this style of play. Around March we got together with two other buddies during one of the HCS championship weekends to spend a weekend playing Halo. I brought my desktop with my capture card, and finally got one of these non traditional 1v1s recorded. I know it's long, but I think it's cool to see something different, and there are some pretty solid plays mixed in here. Hope y'all enjoy it:
  23. And yet, Chill Out is smaller than most H5 maps and has 2 minute camo/rocket, 1 minute ovies, and 30 second snipe respawns (without requiring the previous to be dropped) and never feels like "too much". Granted that definitely is more true in doubles, but 4v4 is still perfectly playable. Totally my opinion, but 2v2 Chill Out and Pris are the pinnacle of TS pacing across the entire series. They promote map movement with the timings, they never feel chaotic (with the right strat/skills, you've always got options for regaining control of the situation), but even with the static timers they never feel formulaic. 15 years later and I still have matches where I end up in new positions, having new fights, new lines of sights/nades (found this one, https://streamable.com/os5a1, playing nonsense warmups with my girlfriend), but the overall pace is almost always the same. No point to this really, just making an observation, and maybe making more of an argument for stronger utilities. EDIT: I had to, this (https://streamable.com/qqdcu) Pris clip is one of those things that I've practiced randomly, but never sought out to do in the middle of the game, it just happened to be the best option at the time. Still figuring out new things.
  24. So, I can see that everyone is ball's deep in this Slayer argument right now, but has the One X enhancement been discussed at all yet? Not sure about everyone else, but I'm really hoping we get something that feels more like H5: Forge. I'm curious if the pros will all move over, and whether HCS will be exclusively using the 1X, given that it's being pushed as an "enthusiast" piece of hardware akin to the Elite.
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